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Hi, I have been suffering with OCD for 10 years now, but recently the last week have been feeling unwell, i'm not sure if its anxiety thats making me feel this way, but i have a tight chest and was very tired over the last couple of days, i also suffer with insomnia which means i never get a good night sleep, is it the OCD making me worry or should i speak to someone? sometimes if i'm unwell nobody takes me seriously as i'm always unwell but this time i'm concern but worried i would be told i am wasting the health professionals time.

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I was just about to log of & saw this & had to reply

OCD flew straight at me , I have been suffering with it for 30 years now , it has just about made me a prisoner in my own home , as mine is cleaning & germs to name a few

It is a form of anxiety & along side it I feel tired & drained all the time

I think as my mind never switches of from the OCD & what needs doing & trying to keep up with it , so there is no wonder I am tired

Even when I am watching TV & people should be relaxing , my mind is on what needs to be done the next day , so I am never relaxed

I have had the chest pains , which I do no is anxiety

I am waiting to see a phycologist as I have had help before & it has never worked & i have just added on to my OCD over the years

I dont think you would be wasting the GP'S time , in fact I think you should go , not because I think there is anything wrong with your heart , but even if you have asked for help before , or if you havnt , dont let this go on any longer , please go & tell them everything & let them give you some help

Keep talking on here , there are a few more of us that our anxiety affects resulting in OCD so you are not alone





I have suffered the chest pains I have anxiety and sure I have OCD the things I do and think but never been diagnosed with it,but getting back t chest ains I was actually taken into hospital by paramedics for chest pains they assured me it was not heart attack but something was wrong was in for the day moniters and blood tests and had to go back for echocardiogram all clear stress and anxiety.but I am no doctor so get it checked you can go to A&E and get a ECG that will even tell if anything but believe me it could be stress and anxiety.Take Care let us on here know we are all friends and try to help each other. Big Hugs xx


Thank you very much, I was worried last night but feel better this morning, it was anxiety


Glad you feel better this morning :)

If you can & I no some dont find it easy , but keep talking on here , it helps to no you are not the only one that feels this way & that alone can go some way to making you feel better :)



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