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Loss of Love?

Suffering nerves/deppression for many years I feel as if I lose my gratitude for life and I,m unable to feel love as an emotion when in this state. Recently i,ve noticed when I help or show compassion to someone else I feel better, when I look into my grandchildrens eyes, when I look through old happy photo,s, when I pet the families dogs, when I see someone worse off than myself all these things and more remind me of that feeling which still lies within us all.

Going to keep practising reading and doing the things that remind me that with the emotion of love in my heart I can be well.................we can all forget how to love sometimes, remind yourself, god bless

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agreed and good luck


I laugh whenn I think of most peoples first love......you skip down the road.....no worries.....you can,t even worry if you try........you smile constantly.....everthing is positive........life is fantastic.......Why???????

Simple you are full of love....great feeling


thank you......best wishes


So very right, bless you.




Hi stde

That made me smile , my first love , I think we all remember that one :o

I am pleased to see you are sounding more positive & yes it is important to love , even though sometimes when feeling low we can forget to show it

Hope you are having a lovely evening





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