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Time for bed

Think I shud get some sleep but I'm really chmind I'm just telling myself I have lol ng out to heart fm lieing on the settee. It's the first time in days that I've had some me time and am relaxing and I'm enjoying it. I've pushed to the back of my mind about the house being a mess as I know tomorrow it will be all done. That rain better go to as I've beds to change and other washing to do. OH not here and dryer still in cupboard which I can't get it out. Anyway enuf of my rambling about house work. I'm going to make a cuppa xxx

I definitely haven't pushed it to back of my mind I'm just telling myself I have lol

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Hope you get a good nights sleep Donna

You made me laugh when you said I havnt really pushed it to the back of my mind I am just telling myself I have

Reason is , guess who is doing exactly the same ;)

Happy cleaning day tomorrow hun

Think before I can get straight I am going to have to suffer another day some how , but I shall push it to the back of my mind (not really ) lol





Lol whywhy I've tried and tried and I just can't :-) I won't be able to do it all tomorrow as my mate still be here untill 8 tomorrow evening but I'm doing upstairs and shuting my doors lol with no entry signs on the bedrooms doors. I won't b. able to do downstairs probley untill Friday. I will stop at my mom's tomorrow nite rather then be on my own and worry about that to. We will both be sorted and bco to normal the wkend whywhy not long to go now. I do like my normal alot even thou I love my mate fuming down. Xxx


I like my normal to Donna :D

Bit of a worry as well , as they say I have OCD & when I finally get my long awaited appontment , they said that will be the first thing they will work on with me , well when I heard that I thought O nooo :D

Yes lets hope we are both clean & happy come the weekend , its a good job we have each other to talk to about this , even though it does stem from anxiety



Definitely I have suffered cod along time but it wasnt bad. Since my anxiety started its slowly got worse. I've am head cold now that's thanks to my mates daughter coughing all ova me. All day its been put ur hand to ur mouth. I was eating at one point and she coughed over me so the dogs had it lol xxx


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