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Update: After my desperate post yesterday today was better :-)

After my depressing post yesterday I thought it would be a good idea to let you know that things have been much better today.

My dd allowed me a long lie-in which was greatly appreciated (& needed) then we got to go shopping, with my mother. We got out of the house calmly & with NO TEARS! :-D

Dd went off on her own for a while & got the swimsuit she needed. Mind you, she looks so good in it I've told her no-one else is allowed to see her in it (i.e. boys!). Managed to get some new lingerie (you know what I mean) & a new outfit for my mam as well as something for her to give my dd for her birthday.

Dd is starting now with her anxiety about aches/pains/being sick but so far so good.

I should probably mention that along with GAD/panic/OCD/emetophobia & depression she does have other problems. A number of years ago she was assessed for Autism Spectrum Disorder. They decided although she has a lot of Autistic traits she doesn't have Autism. She has problems with her Sensory Processing i.e. she is hypersensitive to touch (the most affected), pain,sight & sound. Basically this means she takes in & has to process much more information than you or I. What would be a minor annoyance of a tag in a T-shirt is completely unbearable to her. Add all this to being a teenager.

She has got better over the years but I do need to keep reminding myself just how much she is trying to deal with. Now & again I feel sorry for myself, it's been a lot to cope with alone, but I need reminding that it is so much more difficult for her.

I should also say she is the most, caring, loyal, loving person I have ever met (when life isn't too much) & if ever you were stuck in a hard place she'd be there.

Anyway, sorry for the ramble, hope I have made things a little clearer.

Many thanks for the support


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O thats great news , so pleased things went better for you today

I had to laugh about the swim suite , I used to be just the same & still am even though they are women now :D

I thought this was because they were girls , but I am as bad with the son as well , not what he wears as much , but was never very happy when girls were showing an interest in him :D one has managed to get him now , even though I did my best to fight her of :D

I admire you so much , dealing with your own problems & helping your daughter with hers , you are an star ;)

I imagined that extra sleep you got helped as well

Sending hugs to you & dd



The image in my head of you fighting off hoards of nubile young women is quite something! :-D

A friend of hers has hired a hot-tub for a party. There will be boys. I 'm sure you can imagine how I feel!

I'm not a star at all, at times I get far too wrapped up in my own problems, but I think it is the nature of the beast. Having my dd was my reason for getting better & I've had to push myself a lot. For no-one else would I drive into Newcastle city centre, at 10pm, after a football match, to collect them from a concert!

The extra sleep definitely helped & so do the hugs, thank you.

And the star around here is you. With everything going on for you, you still find the time & will to help everyone else & always so cheery. Maybe I should start listening to Will.I.Am more ;-)

Take care & sleep well



Hold on to that thought because I have actually done what I say :D

I totally understand where you are coming from though been serious , its one of the hardest things I have had to do , letting go of mine , I found it didnt help my anxiety either & to be honest , even though they are grown up I still worry over them , I think that may be something that comes with been a Mum

I relate as well when you say your dd is the only one that can get you doing what you do , same here

I dont leave the house much , but there has been an odd occasion , when they have needed me quick & I dont no how it works , but on those times I have fled & always been there for them , no one else could make me do that only them

And yes once was to tell a man that if he ever came near my daughter again he would have me to deal with :D

Will there be some adults there ?

All fails go under cover & have a large stick & lay in waiting ;)

No come on here , we will do our best , to keep you going

O yes do try a little Will-i-am , seems to be working a treat for me :D





Hi Thomson,

Glad to hear you had a better day yesterday and caught up on some much needed sleep, that can make all the difference in coping with things !

Hope today is good too. :)

Mimii x


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