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bad nights

Dear All,

I have had two very bad nights. And by bad i mean having a dream during which I felt I couldn't breath and then waking up kind of gasping for air. I have had several panic attacks during the past two nights. It is kind of difficult to describe how I felt. I felt wobbly, weakish, unsteady on my feet, kind of shaken up, like I am struggling. I hate the nights.

I have had worse panic attacks in the past and I am now learning about them and about ways to cope with them.

I am happy that this community is here to contact on those nights, with great people who know about panic attacks.

At the moment i feel a little bit emotional, I feel as if I have been through a difficult time.

I want to say thank you to everyone who has supported me. I try to help were i can.

Lots of love,

Marcus xxx

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Hello Marcus

I always smile when I see your name on here , but then as I read your blog my smile faded as you havnt been having a good time

I am pleased though that you have come on , so we can try & support you as you have always been a support to others , so kind & polite & you give the best hugs :)

Now what you describe , I have been in a sleep where I am asleep but my brain feels like its awake & i feel like I am going to stop breathing if I dont wake up & i can feel myself forcing myself to wake up & am fighting to do so & eventually I do , & its so very frightening when it happens , I feel shook up & it frightens me for days after

You have been doing so well , this may have come as a shock to you & part of the reason why you now feel emotional

This is the thing with anxiety , sometimes it can creep up on us again & it comes as such as such a shock when it does

I have every faith you will over come this little set back as i have seen you come on such along way since you joined

We are always here for you :)

Special hugs






Dear Whywhy,

I appreciate your very kind, supportive and encouraging words. Thank you.

a lovely hug,

Marcus xxx


Its always a pleasure to talk to you Marcus , you are not on your own



Hi Marcus,

As a general rule I do not have panic attacks during the day. I have learnt how to recognise them and head them off. At night it is a whole different story. Like you I wake up gasping for air, I've been known to wake up on my feet in the middle of the room!!!! And it takes you so long to settle down again, especially as it is the middle of the night and everything is magnified then.

Even though it feels so much worse try to do what you would do in the day. Focus on your breathing, try to relax and let it all float past you.

It will ease off.

Hope you feel better soon.



Dear Fadedlizard,

It is a comfort to know that I am not alone with the gasping for air thing. I am sorry to read that you suffer with them aswell

Thank you for your advice on how to cope with a panic attack, and your encouraging words.

a lovely hug,

Marcus xxx


Hi Marcus. I shuddered when I read your post. They must have been terrible experiences for you. I too have suffered from panic attacks and know the symptoms you describe well. It doesn't usually happen at night but I have woken like you feeling suffocated but it is an asthma attack not a panic one. I presume anyway! I feel very panicky and weak until I can manage a gasp of air. I then just hammer my inhaler until I feel better. It's a horrible unsettling feeling.

I really hope these panic attacks stop and that you have a good nights sleep tonight.

Bev xx


Dear Bev,

Thank you for your kind and supportive words.

I am sorry to read that you suffer from the feeling of suffocating.

Thank you. I wish you all the very best with your asthma.


Marcus xxx


Hi Marcus sorry to hear you've had a bad few days. I tend to be worse of an evening especially once I'm in bed. That's when all the unwanted thoughts tend to be at their highest. Which always makes getting a good nights sleep difficult.

Hope that things improve for you this week. :-)



Dear Billy,

Thank you for your empathy. I am sorry to read that you tend to struggle the most in the evening especially once you are in Bed.

Thank you. I wish you a good week also.

warmest regards,



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