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Hello everyone

I shall start the positive and tell you all how after yoga last night I slept like a baby but now the negative heart palps are worse today than they have been since I started my anxiety journey if you will...since I woke up they have been skipping and fluttering every few minutes, I know that after it all I'm still here but I'm struggling to believe that this is caused purely by anxiety....I'm really starting to think something is wrong, I'm being pushed to my limit and I'm at the stage of breakdown in the middle of work which I do not want to do.

Xxxx :-(

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Morning Ashley

O dear me , I knew you would be here today lol

Have you been checked with this heart of yours , I cant see the old blogs on here so sorry I cant remember

If you have , then I no its hard to believe ,but its anxiety

If you havnt , do you think seeing the GP , might be a good idea , not for one minute that I think there is anything at all wrong with your heart , but to maybe help give you peace of mind

Have you got the honey yet lol



Lol I'm just feeling sorry for myself :-( but yeah I've been 3 times, she's listened to my heart said she heard nothing to worry about, I haven't had been hooked up to a machine or anything so I'm replying on my doctors good old ears haha



Turn that frown upside down Ashley lol

That Doc will have good trained ears , so do not fear lol

Hope you are feeling a bit better



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