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Crack a grin with Cookie

Crack a grin with Cookie

I thought I'd like to share with you, some things that make me laugh.

When little kids fall off their bikes and old folk trip up paths.

The look upon their face is class, did any body see?

And then their face turns Scarlett, when then turn and notice me.

( cracking a grin )

When people fart out loud's the best, the tears roll down my face.

The way that THEIR loud bottom burps caused THEM such great distaste.

The best bits when they style it out, the mimicking of the sound,

No sir 'twas not that squeaky boot your dragging on the ground.

Sometimes, it is just a word, my favourite is pimple.

I guess by now a lot of you are thinking I am simple,

No doubt you think I should be dwelling in the loony bin,

Well guess what, I don't care as long as I can CRACK A GRIN.


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My grin has gone, it faded fast.

Now like my dreams it's in my past.

My Internet is slow to serve,

And getting on my final nerve.

I want to scream, I want to shout.

Instead, I'll get the Hoover out lol xxx


Hi Cookie.

Another great little poem :-D it made me smile as I am guilty of nearly all of your topics. It looks like your kitty has grown up to be a big boy/girl :) lol


I'm guilty too, I have 101 ways to disguise a guff and 100 of them involves other people lol xxx I'd love to own a BIG cat. Xxx


You would have the neighbours crapping themselves :) but honestly with all your complex health issues you still maintain your wonderful sense of humour :-D please don't loose it


Hi Cookie

I admire you mate , I no what you are going through & here you are bounding on with your poems :-D

Feeling crap though & I didnt get the first one , but the second one I did :p

You no what though , just seeing you on here makes me smile , even if its a little smile today

Dont get distracted with that hoovering :-/





Hi Hun,

The 1 st was just silly things that crack me up laughing. My mum stacked it and fell over in front of me. I was wetting myself. I couldn't help her up I was laughing so much. Then she got the hump which cracked me up even more.

Think I'm retarded lol xxx


You are not retarded , you are on a roll though this morning , just been & looked on my FB wall , what a mess , I cant keep up with you cleaning it of , I do like a clean wall you no , its the OCD :-D so whats that make me :-D

Maybe dont answer that one :-D



Hey Cookie

Your posts always make me smile............. I hope you and your OH are doing ok xx


Hey Cookie

Thanks for making me smile this morning

Jules :-)


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