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My Turn to Say Good Morning

Morning All,

Been reading the posts, must be something in all that rain water, but not a drop fell here last night. Thinking of drops that is one piece of wood.

Had what I thought was an early night then just couldn't sleep. Been up and about, back to bed, up again. Thought's chasing each other but little concentration, to early to do anything and finished reading my book yesterday morning. Still at least I will make myself go to the library to get another.

Shall I post this and just go back to bed or look at my list and try and have a positive spin on the day, deep breath and sigh. I try and give myself things to do but... failed miserably for the last few days then that wonderful cycle takes over and yesterday was a complete disaster on the relationship front.

Take care


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Thank you for your morning post :)

The rain might be heading your way yet lol

Like you said , will make you go & fetch another book , which is positive , I find reading till I drop to sleep really helps me , if I get really into what I am reading , takes me out my head , which can only be a good thing lol

Sorry your relationship took a little drop , hope you can get things back on track

Take this slow , its not a race , small steps , but you will get there

Keep talking





Hi Why Why,

Thanks for the positive spin.

Used to ups and downs where relationships are concerned but yes little steps, it was a giant one that brought the cycle back into existence.

Almost reached number 3 on today's list so even though I've been taking deep breaths for the last hour slowly but surely getting there.

Think my meds have also started to level out, I changed the time I took them about 4 weeks ago.




You are doing really well , give yourself some praise



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