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Just registered to the site and wanted to say Hi!

Hi my name is Louise and I'm pretty sure that I suffer from anxiety. I must admit compared to a few years back my anxiety is much better however I still have days when it takes over me. I have always been a worrier and always over think things but I just wish that some days I could just switch off my head and relax. I also know that I have addictive behaviour which does not help with my anxiety - I drink a lot of caffeine which I heavily rely on to get me through each day and my smoking habits are appalling I normally smoke about 5 or 6 cigarettes at a time as if it's a ritual. I decided to register on this site because I've never really spoken to anyone about anxiety issues and frankly I'm so distant from my friends now because of my busy working life I feel that i have few people I can talk to. Does anyone relate to this at all? I would really like to engage with some similar minded people. Thank you for reading x Lou x

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Hi Loubee-xxx,

Thank you for your post.

Welcome to Anxiety Support :)


Hi Louise


I think most anxiety sufferers can be extreme , well I no I can be , what ever I do can be all or nothing !

This is a great site & I no you are new on here & very well done for the introduction

There are so many including myself , feel just like you do

You will get lots of support on here from people that understand

The site has just had a change over , so its taking people a while to gt used to things , as well as getting email notifications so we no when someone has replied , so bear with us all & keep talking , people will get back to you





Welcome to you loebee,you will find many like minded people on this site and will receive a lot of support and advice if you want it.I feel I am very like you with the over worrying,it's constant and the worries are so stupid,laughable if it wasn't so overtaking my mind.I have really cut back on caffeine which was easy enough as I buy caffeine free tea,coffee and I like cola in my Morgans spice ,so I buy caffeine free cola .Stopped smoking because I constantly read and heard it makes anxiety worse,the smoking bit is really really hard,but as I am now retired I could not afford it anyway,I do allow myself wee treats saying"it's the price of a couple of packets"so that's helps slightly.Hope you enjoy this site as I do and you will love all the friendly people.


Hi Lou and welcome to the site. Many of us here have no one to talk to about our anxieties and fears. This site is great for that. Just come in anytime and there will always be members to care and support you. We all understand anxiety here.

Bev x


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