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Learn to be your own best friend

Here is the link to my most recent blog - Be your own best friend


For those of you that don't know I am writing a blog on my journey to 'happiness' over the hurdles of anxiety and depression. Also writing about specific topics to help anyone else suffering.

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Hope your all well


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Hi there, I like the saying about depression and anxiety not being a sign of weakness, but of Having tried to stay strong for way too long. I can relate to that as I'm sure many can. I think I'm where I am because my mind, body and soul need a rest. Xxx best wishes xxx


Absolutely. Its your bodies way of saying 'Hellooooo I do actually need a rest'. x


just joined and read the saying you posted its spot on.It gives me hope thanks x


Thank you for the link. The more I read about our condition, the more I am determined to combat it. Er shall overcome......................................................


Hi just wanted to say thanks for sharing your blog, I've never been on this site before, just stumbled accross whilst off work sick because I let anxiety get the better of me!! Grrr!! Anyhow I'm sat at home with the whole circle of thoughts going through my head, I read your blog and it made me feel so much better. Just knowing other people have the same thoughts etc can make you feel so much better! I know I can't predict the future and I've told myself countless times I don't know what people are thinking, I can't read minds! Thanks for the blog, I shall be following with interest :-) x


Ah thank you for your comment. It really means a lot, and i always say it but it means a lot to know it is getting out there to the right people :) if your on twitter you should follow me on there @LMpoingdestre as I may forget to upload it on here. Hope your feeling better and challenging those unhelpful thoughts. x


fantastic :)


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