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Not sure what is wrong - feeling strange

I'm new here, and to be honest, i don't particularly know what is wrong with me. I'm about to go into my third year of university in September and I've hated the past year of it, i haven't been getting the best grades even though i try so hard and its really getting me down. I'm constantly worrying about things in my life, which aren't necessarily things to worry about, i feel stressed all of the time and i don't know why, little arguments with my boyfriend also make me really stressed and upset but this past week, i have been feeling very strange, i don't know why, it might be the heat which has got to me, but the past few days i have been feeling very lethargic, weak and dizzy, with constant headaches, and when i get stressed i get this horrible pain in my head, sounds silly but it feels like my head could explode! painkillers are not getting rid of the headache and i will more than likely always wake up with one? My friend said that i worry about things which aren't in my control, which is true, but it's only been this past year where i have been feeling like it. i don't want a diagnosis, as i haven't been to the doctors with it. And i worry that if i talk to someone they think I'm over exaggerating!

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Hi & welcome

From what you say , it seems you are suffering with anxiety , it may be due to the pressure you feel under at uni or that may have had a big contribution

I no that suffering with anxiety myself , I tend to worry all the time & over think everything , I think its part of all this

Trying to take each day as it comes & not allow our minds to go to far ahead , is something that really helps , its very hard to train ourselves to do this , but it can be done

I dont think for one minute your GP would feel you were over the top , with how you feel , so many people suffer with this , that they have heard it all before & if you have a good GP who was understanding , would give you support

Rather than suffer , I would go & see them , take down what you have written here , if you feel you will struggle to explain

You will find so many on here that feel just as you do , which can give comfort knowing you are not alone

Keep talking & well done in doing your first post , that is a big step in itself as I no it can be daunting




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Thank you! I'm going on holiday in a few days so I'm hoping that i will be able to relax and have a good time there and if i feel the same when i get home then it'll be a trip to the doctors

Thanks for the help


That sounds a very sensible plan nina

I hope you enjoy your holiday & it helps you to relax

The site is always here , so use this to say how you feel , it helps , just on a change over & the format is different which is taking us all some getting used to , but when it gets going there is so much support

Let us no how you holiday goes :-)



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