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Just wondering how ur all doing?

Hi am just wondering how ur all doing? Hope everyone is feeling ok and have all joined is again.

Have been fine today even thou I felt anxiety creeping up again a few hours back but I just rolled with it :-)

Am loving this weather so much better then all the rain we've had. The only thing I wind like is abit more breeze as there's been none hardly none at all.

other then that the boys r breaking up Friday for six wks and my eldest with be started senior school in September. He's got his leaving assembly on Friday. I don't know where all the yrs have gone, they've just flew by. I can still remember him starting nursery and it doesn't seem that long ago :-( xxx

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I am not too bad at all. Hubby and I celebrated 37 years married yesterday and had a lovely dinner out , the wine was nice too!!. Looking at houses today as thinking of moving. Glad you are well. Enjoy the leaving assembly.... the years just fly by. xx


Hello jeffju glad u enjoyed it meal out yesterday and the wine I have missed a glass of wine rose wine...I've forgot how it tastes but I know it was good ;-) good look in finding an New house xx


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