Holter monitor results

Results came back good! Thank God!

I still had the sudden heart palpitations during my workout yesterday, but I know they're harmless now.

This morning I felt sick, like I couldn't eat. I felt as if I had stayed up for 30 hours and drank the night before - which ended up freaking me out because I'm wondering why I feel this way, all while walking around and trying to remain cheerful and talk to customers.

I'm welcoming the day this is all over. It will be soon.

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  • rockster, great news. I'm happy for you. Now we can help you work on the anxiety symptoms. I like your positive attitude, that will take you far in leaving "anxiety" behind. Take care.

  • Thank you!

  • Hello

    Like Agora has said this is great news you now know this is anxiety and nothing sinister , so pleased for you and I hope you can now address and work on your anxiety :-)

    Take Care x

  • It's what I'm looking forward to!

  • hey thats good your holter monitor is negative. i got really bad heart palpitations the other day at the gym. i never got that symptom before so i played into the fear. they were pretty bad though like fast out of rhythym beats and felt like i was gonna pass out. is that how you felt? FYI, i read that working out intensly can flare anxiety. i enjoy a good sweat so its hard for me but it may be worth letting my body relax until im better.

  • Yup, it's a horrible feeling too! I'd mention it to your Dr just to be safe. It's reassuring -to say the least- when you have a test come back in the clear.

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