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home alone, hubby gone away with the kids and im left due to my anexity on my own for 2 weeks, thought i,d be fine cos i have friends n family, nope i,m suffering, no one has been to see me or helped me in any way at all. I cannot leave the house as its one of my phobias but im sitting in desperate need of my internet shoppin being delivered due to lack of help. Don,t get me wrong i get the random phone call telling me yes your fine you can do it on your own, but no offer of help. Stuff them it,s made me realise i,m on my own if i can survive these days maybe i can gather hope, and leave the house, or like i have today, sit n cry n feel totally alone :/


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  • are you gong to be all right on your own?

    if not you have to be honest with people,

    sometimes family & friends leave us alone thinking "if they need us [or anything] they'll ask."

    I hope you sleep well and have a better day tomorrow.



  • Thanks sandra, I,m on week 2 now and getting there, they all knw my situation and promised to be there for me but i guess its life teaching me you cannot rely on anyone but yourself at times. I guess some people think its a "in my head thing" thanks again :)

  • well done for getting through week 1!

    just focus on the kids being back soon :)

    look after yourself,


  • thanks again :) x cannot wait

  • I felt just like you and then my husband had to go into hospital suddenly and I had to cope on my own for 11 days. And do you know what.... I did it !!! just like you are doing now. We CAN cope on our own and are a lot stronger than we give ourselves credit for. Big pat on the back to you. You should be proud of yourself for doing so well and it's nearly over. Great stuff. xx

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