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Anyone know how to update my Internet browser?

I'm posting off my phone as I cannot log onto the site from my laptop.

It tells me my Internet browser is obselete but when I tried to update it still wouldn't let me. It says my version of Windows won't support the update.

I'm the least technically minded person you know (yes, honestly, no matter who's reading this) I don't even know what version of Windows I have??!!

Also I may have upset the computor by trying the installation in the first place as it won't let me try to install another version. It says one is running. (Yes, I did try to uninstall it but I can't find a newly installed prog.)

Any advice anyone?

I'll have no data left if I have to live off my phone :(

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Hi Liz - I'll have a think/look tomorrow and see if I can help if no-one has before that!

Fingers crossed!





I suspect your internet browser may be IE, in which case I'd download another more reliable and compatible one, such as the usual google chrome or mozilla firefox, or the lightweight Opera

Once you have downloaded the new browser, run it as the preferred browser.

To find out exactly what software systems you have on your computer, download Belarc, it's free, and will not only identify which software programmes you have installed, but also their product key numbers.... necessary should you ever require to replace or upgrade any of your essential hardware, such as hard drive or motherboard.

I hope this helps.

Sandra x x x


Oops, sorry, I forgot to give you a link for Belarc


Hi Sandra,

Thank you so much.

I've abandoned IE and moved to Firefox. It was trauma free and I've been able to log in without problems tonight :)

Hope you're doing ok.



Hi Liz , I had to abandon IE as well in Chrome now

Still have to log in everytime , but working better

Hope you are ok



I've tried Chrome before and had to uninstall it as it caused me chaos ~ the laptop is a little temperamental (nothing like it's owner lol) but so far I seem fine with the Firefox.

Honestly what a faff!!!!

Hope it sorts it's self out


So glad I was able to help :d that puts a smile on my face :)

Sandra x x x


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