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After the weekend

Had such a symptom free weekend and these last two days they have come back with a vengeance...I'm honestly convinced something is wrong with me but my rational mind is telling me we have been here before and nothing bad happened.

Does anyone remember what normal feels like? I'm sitting at work pretending I feel absolutely fine but really I feel like I'm about to keel over.

I'd give anything to have one normal day again.

Rant over lol :-)


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Funny you should say that as I was thinking the same thing a while ago, about not remembering what it feels like to be normal, I have been this way for such a long time now that I honestly can't for the life of me remember how it felt to be me...before all this.


Sometimes I think I feel normal again but it's always festering away in the background.


I have been having a cycle of good weeks and bad weeks. I am having a bad week at the moment where I am extremely anxious. Heres hoping that we all get completely better soon


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