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Rolling with the symptoms

Hi everyone, I'm half way though reading self help for ur nerves and I've gotta say Claire Weekes explains so much in it. I've been having one of those days where I've had some of the symptoms anxiety brings. I am just rolling with it. I think at the moment I feel abit weird because I'm hungry. OH as gone shopping so shudnt be long and hopefully order sumthing instead of cooking. I cud eat a pig...seriously :-) I hope everyone is doing okay and enjoying the nice weather...let's hope the sun stays abit longer this time. Nice to come whywhy back and the others xxx

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See not come lol


Hi donaf

I havnt looked at those books yet , but I no people say how good they are

I hope as I am writing this your OH is back with food ;-)

You have come along way though from when you first joined the site & just in case you don't realise it , I hope you will believe me , listen at you as well rolling with it , I remember when you could have never even considered doing that

Well done donaf , I no how much you are putting in to dealing with this anxiety



Hi good you still here x phew!!


Yes I am if its me you mean :-D

How are you , are you doing ok



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