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Is It just me?

I have suffered from anxiety problems for years now and It has gotten to the point where I cannot keep living like this, I feel scared all day everyday, I live in routine because I fear I will be hurt by something suddenly If I do something different. My parents don't understand how to deal with me when I suffer from the attacks. I have been to the Doctors too many times and been referred to Probably another person who is meant to help me but ends up pointing out I am a problem child. Is it just me who feels this way.. I don't know who to turn to anymore...

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one way or the other we all understand,dont accept being told you are a problem child or made to feel like this. none of us are perfect,we are unique in our own ways. love yourself and others will see how strong you are,dont criticise yourself,actually focus on what makes you special,cause you are and you need to believe this. i am focusing on not being scared of the fear i feel,and it actually calms me right down and i feel normal for some time,practice makes perfect,sometimes i dont know what has frightened me but when the symptoms come on out the blue i say its ok,i cant see no danger so i am safe,try it hunni,u could be surprised xxx


It's hard for anyone who hasn't suffered it to know how we feel. The best thing to do wen u feel it is not had more fear to it which takes practice and takes a good while to change ur thoughts from negative to positive. I wud say Im doing alot better now then I was. It's taken me over a year to get where I am but I am getting there slowly. I still get bad days but alot more good. Wen u feel an attack coming on try not to add more fear to it. Instead of fighting it tell it to come, wats the worst it cud do? I know at the time it puts alot of fear into u. Keep telling ur self, this cannot hurt u. Try andtake ur mind off it, listen to relaxing music that normally helps me. Sending u hugs xxx


I understand x and its not just u I promise! I have lived with it 20 years now. wish I had the answers cause id use them. plz don't let it control ur life like it has mine x good wishes


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