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People just don't care!

Just been to B&Q as we were pulling up into a disabled parking space the family next door to us were busy unloading ((NO BLUE BADGE)don't get me started on that one....) kids screaming, parents screaming back!!!!

Had to follow this crowd into the store and it seemed wherever we went they were there, we turned 1 corner and seen them down the end of the aisle told wife to turn my wheelchair around and go in opposite direction!

I'm turning into a grumpy old man!!


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Look Rob,

You never used to say much, but now we can't shut you up!!!

:-) JOKE

It is not that you are turning into a grumpy old man its just that today there is no consideration for fellow humans,no service except of course on this site!

From another grumpy old man


Grog? Is that you? Are you back?

We've all missed you so much!!! :D I hope you're ok. It's great to see you joking. We've all been wondering how you were. Please keep us updated.

Kind regards,

wanderingwallflower xx

P.S. If you're not who I think you are, which may be the case due to a coincidence of a similar screen name, then I'm sorry for the confusion. :)


Ok. I think I may have got the wrong person now, not sure...because your comments go back quite a way. Oh dear, for royally embaressing myself. I got so over excited quite quickly that I replied to your comment on impulse.

I apologise profusely for troubling you. I suppose I better introduce myself. By the way, I've been here for about a year now. :)


Supermarkets with kids running around, shoving past you and screaming completely uncontrolled by their parents - just don't get me started.............


hear hear one of my pet hates!


Yes I used to work in a supermarket, and the abuse you get is just unbelievable and the management expect you to take it with a smile on your face!!


Hello Rob,

You're not a grumpy old man. You're perfectly entitled to feel frustration about your observations today. I agree, parents should be able to control their kids. Moreover, basic manners, respect, cost nothing.

There is a great website forum called the Weekly Gripe where people are able to express their thoughts and feelings on a whole score of topics, current affairs. It might be worth voicing your opinion on there as I'm sure many will agree and have their own stories to share! :)

Take care and kindest regards,

wanderingwallflower :) xx


I am soo with you on the blue badge thing!

It really gets my goat how people misuse blue badge spaces. Thankfully I have never had to use a wheelchair myself but I have supported many disabled wheelchair users and we really needed some of those spaces that others stupidly parked in and denied us.

On one very memorable occasion, I really chewed a tradesman out for parking his vehicle in the only suitable disabled space available to us in the carpark. The guy could have parked anywhere and it would have mattered little to him - he was just being lazy. We had a specially adapted car whereby the passenger seat converted into a wheelchair, so it required a lot of space to that side of the car. How we struggled - and you know what? the guy just didn't get it. However when the day comes he needs one of those places, I think he will get it then...

Rob, I also understand about the screaming kids etc. I think at wheelchair level you sometimes get it worse because you are nearer to the action. Please feel free to be a grumpy old man - you may be doing the next person a favour!


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