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I've tried so hard this morning to be relaxed and have been on the cusp but managed it. Until........ The post arrived, my auntie is having to sort out wills and things from my Nana and I have to sign some forms. Included in the envelope is my Nanas and my Mumms death certificates. Me being me had to google what my Nana died of. Up til now I thought it was old age and being heart broken about my mum dying before her. Well she had heart disease, this is one of my health anxietys so I have spiralled into irrational fears. To be rational my Nana was 94 when she died, so I shouldn't be surprised she had something wrong with her. Oh I do hate being like this.

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Hello Winter

Re-read what you wrote and notice how you almost immediatrely challenged your anxiety with rationality - well done, this is my affirmation that you did well there, hold onto that. We all hate anxiety, just got to re-affirm the positive.



Thank you, I always know the rational with the irrational! It's just my irrational side is far stronger than the rational side! Xx


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