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Heart palpitations. Help

I keep getting minor noticeable heart palpitations and cause im now worried and more focused at my heart I feel like there either a problem or that something's gonna happen and now I'm very worried about it. I don't wanna go doctors cause I've been many times . Does anyone get this and is it anything to worry about, I don't get pains or anything but I'm a little stresses all the time.cheers

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I get them too and even more so when I'm stressed out, in fact I've had some throughout today. It's easier for me to explain but when I get them I panic which in turn causes more.



I think it's really important you go to your doctor. I understand your hesitance to go again but ultimately all we can do is share with you our experiences... we can't definitively tell you if you've got anything to worry about or not. I hope you understand, I'm just trying to help as I think anything involving your heart is 100% worth seeing your doctor about, although chances are you have nothing to worry about :)

I went to my doctor with heart palpitations too... these are a problem if your blood pressure is bad or if your heart sounds irregular but after some quick tests she said my heart is strong so I needn't worry, but have the option of further tests if I wish. I think it's really important just to get this quick assessment - it's just a short blood pressure test and the doctor will have a listen to your chest.

Best of luck :)

Katy xx


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