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first session

Finally had my first session today went better then my anxiety expected (grrrr) I talked my self in and out of going so many times to the point I gave myself a good talking to and told myself that the counceling can only do good it was ok talking about my side effects and how it effects my life im actually in tears now just thinking that I thought I was going mad with the dizziness the slurriness that this was all apart of anxiety and not in my head I just think everyday that goes by that tomorrow I will wake and have a 'normal' day heres hoping.

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Hey that's great and its not easy getting yourself to the first appointment so be kind to yourself. I thought I was truly mad in October I was terrified I was going to get sectioned.. Anxiety is tough but you will get through this and the good days do come back trust me they do. let the tears come you will feel better but you will probably be exhausted tomorrow so take it easy love eve x


Well done sessykel :-)

The normal days do come, promise.

Wishing you well



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