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can someone tell me the difference between nerves and anxiety? as im really unsure and confused at the moment

basically, every time im in a situation where im surrounded by alot of people, i find it hard to speak or communicate with anyone, its like my brain just stops. This has led to me feeling ill and making myself feel ill about being in these situations, i feel like the only way out is to run away. am i just a nervous person or could this be anxiety?

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Its anxiety. I believe people used to say "nerves" in bygone days. These days suffering from anxiety is a diagosable condition - and a treatable one. You need to tell someone about how you feel. There is a lot of help out there if you make the first steps to get help. Well done for positing here. Quite often there is a reason why you are feeling high levels of anxiety. Likewise there are various treatments that might be able to help you. This site is very good, especially if you become a member.Good luck.



Anxiety suggests something generalised which is out our control. Whereas we get nervous in situations where there may be danger or we are pressured to perform, like taking an exam - as it's the adrenaline pumping round our bodies to prepare us for it - and yes, meeting someone new. We all get a little nervous when we met someone new, and I suppose we can expect this go after a few minutes. However, if it's become over whelming and if it's disabling your ability to talk to people and affecting your behaviour, then maybe it's become more complex and turned into anxiety. Anxiety is the feelings of unease we get, very similar to feeling nervous, but when we not facing any danger.

The good news is there's plenty that can be done to over come it to learn to cope with it effectively. Have you spoken to a GP? A friend? About how you're feeling?

You're also in the right place. Well done for speaking out about your concerns.This is a caring community where we help and support eachother, without judgement, I know there are many people in the same boat as you and social anxiety is relatively common on here, there are lots of people who will be able to give you advice and point you in a right direction. :)

Take care and Kindest Regards,

wanderingwallflower :) xxxx


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