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Are migraines, stress and worry all brought on as a direct result of anxiety?

Have had some tension building up down the back of my neck which I think led to a bad migraine over two evenings. Other factors could be responsible but I wondered if there was any way of curing it without taking another pill like Nurofen or Hedex. It has been very hot over the past few days sometimes as high as 24 degrees and the effects of reduced water intake are similar I think.

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Yes make sure you are well hydrated.

I get migranes too, due to tension in my neck, because I keep tensing it and not realising.

I use a hot water bottle, that seems to relax it a bit, but its all about managing to not tense really.

Stress and worry for me are because I'm not calming down and relaxing my body and mind, so I do that now, with meditation. But if your a workaholic, I doubt you will have time to try it.




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