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Getting scary discomfort around the back of my head, advice and opinions would be a great help?

Ok so I have been suffering from anxiety for MONTHS due to chest pain that I have been having, I've seen countless doctors who have told me its not my heart but I feel depressed all the time because I believe that it really is, I've had blood tests, chest X-rays, and ecgs and they have been fine, waiting on getting an echocardiogram, however,

Today I started to experience this weird uncomfortable tingling head pressure in the right side at the back of my head, I am very scared and I think I have become a hypochondriact, I have read stuff online and I'm so scared I have a tumour or something, it came on in the last few hours and its like a weird itching feeling like deep inside like a twitching feeling. Cannot really distinguish a certain spot to where it is, just all around the back right side of my head.

I'm so so scared and I'm not really panicking but I feel very nervous and worried about it, please please can someone give me some advice or opinions,

This is first ever time it's happened, it's not painful just uncomfortable :/

Only 16

- does seem to get a bit worse when feeling anxious and has lasted the past 2 days :( but it feels so real

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this sounds to me like your body is not getting enough oxygen and the more you worry the worse you will feel maybe you can make a drs appointment for the morning

sarah x



Try putting a hot water bottle on your neck at the back and see if it relaxes that area. Be aware of your shoulders and see if you are tensing them up. If you are gently squeeze the shoulders up to your ears and gently relax them down. I find the hot water bottle a godsend in these situations.

Anxiety has a way of bringing on all sorts of strange symptoms, but 99.9 % of them are harmless just very scary.

Hope you feel better soon




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