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I suffer with health anxiety. I have suffered for the past two years, it started following the sudden death of my mother from Lymphoma. In the past I have believed that I have throat cancer, lung cancer, heart problems and currently I worry that I have lymphoma myself. I find myself worrying every day about it and it is affecting my moods and my relationships. I have had CBT in the past, funded by my employer, but it hasn't helped as I had hoped.

I have had blood tests, echcardiagrams, ECG and a chest X ray previously. I also give blood and none of these have ever highlighted any issues and yet I cant stop worrying. Does anyone have any self help tools that they have used in the past that have helped them? I would be really grateful to hear of anything.

Thanks you.

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If you find any please share I would truly appreciate it thanks have a blessed day


There is a very good book called Overcoming Health Anxiety by David Veale and Rob Wilson which is well worth checking out and the CCI has a set of workbook you can download and use which is available from:


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