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Health anxiety...please help

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I have extremely bad health anxiety. If something hurts for a few days i think I'm dying, I get a headache and i think I have a so worried i am or will become very sick or ill die...tell me I'm not alone please😟

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Hey you’re not alone at all! Currently feeling this and Its always something new I fear. Right now, ive had this cough since September and now it’s December and it’s still lingering and all I can think of is the c word or TB. I’ve been to Dr that treated it at 7 weeks saying it’s from post nasal drip but since I still have it I fear the worse. And too afraid to go back to Dr smh i hate it

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Lindsey14 in reply to RyRywifey

So sorry you go through this too

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RyRywifey in reply to Lindsey14

Yes!!! Have been for 2 years 😔I was having headaches at one point a year ago and feared aneurysm, went to emergency and got a CT scan and all clear, I’ve self diagnosed with almost everything over the past 2 years by searching google smh and convincing myself of the worst case scenario, everytime checking out perfectly healthy , now this time I’m afraid to go back to Dr and I’m thinking “what if this is the time it is really something” smh

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Lindsey14 in reply to RyRywifey

You read my mind, I always assume the i was scaring myself into thinking I have cancer

You aren't alone. My anxiety goes in phases so at the moment I'm stuck on all sorts of OCD things that I can't stop doing, but a few months ago it was skin cancer. Any sort of odd bump or mark was cancer as far as I was concerned. It was really weird, the anxiety seemed to shift from one mark to another. As soon as I started worrying about the next mark, I could stop worrying about the last one. Eventually the cancer thing stopped completely and the OCD rituals started. I really don't understand myself sometimes!

As a man I'm probably not the best person to reply to your other post, but I couldn't help thinking that you are at an age where your body is going to be changing quite a lot. Lots of people (men as well as women) notice that and worry about it, but of course it's perfectly normal.

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Lindsey14 in reply to Damian

Thank you so much really

You're definitely not alone. Anxiety which manifest to health anxiety, OCD, and social anxiety. Its rough. One phase I'm obsessing over one thing and as soon as I can finally get past it, it switches to something else to worry over. It seems never ending. Always constant thoughts of dying or thinking I won't live long to experience peace and happiness. I wish us the best.

We're in this together

I always think something is wrong. Recently I broke out in some sort of rash and it has me paranoid that I have aids or cancer. The dr thinks it’s a viral rash so she did a biopsy. Not cool. It’s always something.

Its so terrifying

I have health anxiety. My BP always shoots up in the doctors office and they have to lay me down and do a EKG. This has happened over the last 3 years or so. It freaks me out. I had a major panic attack once in their office and now it seems to retrigger every time I have my annual physical. I also always think every sneeze or ache is the flu. Also any unusual body sensation is an ulcer, heart attack or something is not right. Its part of the condition with anxiety. We are so sensitive to our body sensations. I usually try to laugh it off (when I can) and say the check engine light is on and just ignore for a while and it will go off. I truly believe that we have an extra ability to sense feelings and emotions more than others, but it scares us so much that we want it to go away.

It does scare me a lot

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John1995 in reply to guynfl2chat

I have to same as you!!!!

Your not alone have you done testing?

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Lindsey14 in reply to

Proably cant till my doctor appointment in January

in reply to Lindsey14

How about meds? Zoloft?

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Lindsey14 in reply to

Prozac and this other one

I used to feel that way. Everything would get me so riled up. I hated it. Couldn't enjoy nothing. Then one day I said you not getting out of here alive and neither is anybody else. So before that happens you better find some joy in life. Cause if I have to live till I'm 90 I'm dam sure not going to live it like this. I guess my brain heard me cause I've been enjoying myself for 5 yrs now. I don't have time to think about dieing. When I was 20 I thought Everytime I got sick I'd get better and I did. So why can't I do that at 65? Sickness doesn't mean dieing it means your body is wore out and you need to fix the problem. I walk outside breathe some fresh air marvel at nature. You know everything in nature dies. Trees lose leaves flowers wilt. But they always get new leaves and new flowers. They don't give up and we shouldn't either. When I take my last breath I'm gone. So until that happens I won't let my brain tell me any different. Really, just start with the little things and you'll be amazed how your mindset will go from " Another yucky day" to "Wow life was just waiting for me to live it". Get out there your missing out. ☺ Xxxx

You are so matter how bad I'm feeling some days I think of something to look forward to even if its a nice cup of tea and a good film .carry on enjoying life.

Thank you very much ❤

Yes! I love your mindset. Some days are easier than others, but everything you say is true. I guess I get caught up in fear of suffering. I'm afraid of suffering if I have a disease, yet I am already suffering with this anxiety. It's ironic, no?

So you see the irony that's good. Anything you can do to break the moment. Clean the toilet. Walk out and get the mail. Take the trash out. When you physically do something your mind can't handle two thoughts at one time. Baby steps lead to marathon's. You'll see. Xxx

Thank you <3

Awesome!!! I'll keep this in mind on my "day by day".

Your not alone, currently my boobs feel sore well convinced I’ve breast cancer,

It’s horrible isn’t it 😔

Hope you /we manage to get over it

Loads of love 💕 cxx

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jessiejakes in reply to Nevic84

Hi I have breast pain and had my 3 year mammogram check 3 weeks ago was worried they would find something all came back fine.the nurse was telling me 90% of women when asked at the screening said they get breast pain.I'm 63 and I still get pain in try not to worry 90% off us get it.

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Nevic84 in reply to jessiejakes

Thank you, I wish my thinking logic was as powerful as my convincing logic xxx

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Mrun1 in reply to Nevic84

If it any reassurance I suffered terrible pain in my left breast that radiated all the way up to my armpit. Almost a burning sensation and other times just a sore full feeling. I was a nervous wreck thinking I had the dreaded C word. It caused major anxiety and I barely ate, slept or stopped crying until my appointment at the breast clinic.

I had a scan as I wasn't old enough for a mamogram. All was FINE! Nothing wrong at all. As the comment above mentioned, the lady at the breast clinic told me breast pain in one or both breasts is very common and nothing to worry about. They also told me breast C rarely represents itself with pain. So please try not to worry too much. I know it's easy for me to say, but everything really will be ok. xx

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Nevic84 in reply to Mrun1

Do you know what’s extra random.... my right armpit hurting spent good hour snapping at kids and checking for a lump ( which isn’t there)

Well stupid me went on dr google advanced cancer symptom!!!

I wish I could stop myself 🤬

Why dose this only seem to happen when it’s dark outside and everything is quieter!

Thanks for replying I appreciate that a lot x

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Mrun1 in reply to Nevic84

Same with my health anxiety, it is at its peak at night! It's a horrible thing and I wish I could shut it off for good.

Mine was very sore, I first noticed a sore spot when applying roll on deodorant (instant panic in my mind) then after a poke around I noticed the left side of my breast was tender.

It lasted about a week before I had the courage to visit the doctor. Then waited 2 weeks for a breast clinic appointment. 2 weeks of pure hell for me. I was totally withdrawn and consumed by my anxiety.

I know how you feel, it's such a dark dark place.

They scanned my left breast and armpit. Nothing out of the ordinary at all. The strangest thing of all is that once they told me everything was fine, the pain disappeared almost over night. Now I just get sore boobs when my period is due. But many women get breast pain regularly that is not related to periods.

Have you been to the doctor?

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Nevic84 in reply to Mrun1

Yes, got antibiotics for a blocked sweat gland... but you’ll know the score with health anxiety of course he’s wrong and it’s some aggressive c ....

so wish it would leave me to live my life!!!

I’ve 4 children and I wish I could enjoy them as much as I want too but scared I’m going to die & leave then

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Mrun1 in reply to Nevic84

Same! I was given a weeks course of antibiotics first, which I had an ellergic reaction to, heh. Anyway, needless to say it didn't shift the pain or the anxiety. Next trip to the doctor I was given a breast clinic appointment. Doctors do take this stuff seriously so if they had an reason to suspect it was serious they would act accordingly. But like you, I always distrust them and instead trust the irrational voice in my head telling me I'm going to die.

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Mrun1 in reply to Mrun1

Also, my health anxiety started when I had my son. I'm terrified of dying and leaving him. It's funny that we are afraid of life ending but anxiety is destroying the life we have.

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Nevic84 in reply to Mrun1

It’s ironic, mine was losing my dad quite suddenly but I don’t have fears of the kids dying my daughter has a life threatening illness and could stop breathing and die at any time and I’m fine but me sore boobs that’s it my times up

None of it makes sense

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Mrun1 in reply to Nevic84

It's awful, at the core there is normally a trigger and losing someone suddenly can easily cause anxiety. But there is help out there. Maybe you could benefit from therapy or medication.

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Nevic84 in reply to Mrun1

I need something it’s getting worse

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Mrun1 in reply to Nevic84

Mine got really bad to the point where I needed to do something. Instead of medication I started to see a therapist, I did the couch to 5k running app (I can't recommend it enough) and now run 3 times a week. I also changed to a much healthier diet and practice yoga and meditation (I'm not so skilled at mediating...YET!) but I have found that those things made a difference to my anxiety. Also there are many helpful videos on coping with anxiety on YouTube. You'll find a way to get rid of it. It might take some time.

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Lindsey14 in reply to Mrun1

This helped me too

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Lindsey14 in reply to Nevic84

That's what im stressing out about! Mine feel sore too and I thought the same thing!

Hi Lindsey, I use to have health anxiety along with social anxiety. One of the books that helped me understand it and recover was "It's Not All in Your Head" by Gordon Asmundson and Steven Taylor, It's about health anxiety and how to deal with it. it's available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback form.

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Lindsey14 in reply to designguy

Thank you :)

You are not alone! I used to feel this way for a while until I finally accepted that it was anxiety and hypervigilance that caused all of it. It's amazing how convincing a symptom brought on by hypervigilance can be in the moment - nobody can convince you that you're wrong. I now choose to live life rather than worrying about something that could be wrong with me because worrying about it drains you so much that you might as well be dead already! I now would rather chill and see what happens then kill myself slowly with anxiety. It took alot of reading about the physiology of anxiety, learning about CBT, and reading about strategies to reduce sympathetic tone while increasing parasympathetic tone. Check out the website "Anxiety BC" for strategies to challenge your fearful thoughts and recognizing that there are common thinking traps that anxious people fall into. It's a practical website that gives you tips to implement immediately. Great reads are The Fear Cure by Rankin, Stress Proof by Mithu Storoni (a no nonsense explanation of the physiology of anxiety and evidence based advice to help overcome it), and the first couple chapters of Overcoming Anxiety. Freedom from Nervous Suffering by Claire Weekes is a great one too - if you can get the audiobook version it's great cause the conviction in her words is extremely reassuring ☺

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Lindsey14 in reply to Miniwheats

Thank you so much :)

You are definitely not alone. Most people I have met who have anxiety disorders have all worried about their health. I have health anxiety among other things and I can very easily convince myself that something is seriously wrong with my health. My anxiety causes my legs to feel numb and feel like jelly quite often and I'm convinced that there's something very very wrong with spine or/and leg muscles.

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Lindsey14 in reply to Mldavies

It sucks :(

It's part of the anxiety issue. We all are sort of hypochondriacs which is a anxiety disorder in itself. Hard not to listen to your heart beat hard and wonder if something is wrong or if you have a headache and wonder if it's a tumor. No, you certainly are not alone.

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Lindsey14 in reply to MamasBlue

Thank you

I hate the word Hypochondriac. Sometimes there is a physical symptom to make someone anxious. Not everyone sits and thinks well what can I think about to throw myself into a total panic attack. A smell a sound a sight can all trigger your subconscience to a fight or flight mode. What you don't understand can promote fear. False experiences appearing real. Until your brain finally diagnoses the difference you are in limbo.

People with anxiety tend to spend a lot of time noticing things that go on with their bodies. Things that many people just dust off often become a focal point for the rest of us. It's just a word, Hypochondriac... and perhaps there is a stigma associated with that but in the world of psychiatry I think that's what they call it. The problem is when something really is wrong we have to differentiate between the real and imagined. Hard to do.

But there are true Hypochondriac's. And it's hurtful to mold anxiety from real feelings to someone who has that disorder. A hypochondriac picks up illnesses from mental attraction. If you have it then I have it. Anxiety has a totally different meaning.

I like the Mayo Clinic's explanation.

I like the Somatic system disorder. That makes so much more sense. And easier to understand.

Both disorders, illness anxiety and somatic system disorder might be hard to differentiate for the layperson, especially if the person experiencing either is in a high state of anxiety. It's not easy to just stop thinking about it as some have suggested or if you have a headache just drink more water. Don't let the word hypochondriac trigger any negative emotions as it's now called illness anxiety. New name but probably that's due to the stigma around that word. For years women have been identified as being hypochondriacs. I even went to a psychiatrist who is my age who asked me if I thought I was being a hypochondriac. Not very professional. She also told me I would die at 70...because I was talking about growing old and dying someday. So she pulled a number out of her ass hat. I probably should have reported her to the medical board but she would have denied it. Which brings me to the reason we have this forum. So we can all express our fears and issues . We might not all agree but at least we all understand that we do have these very real fears.


What? I don’t want to be harsh but if you have a headache, drink more water! If something hurts, fucking take care of your body, ... exercise maybe! We are perfectly designed machines that will heal all by ourselves especially if you give your body a chance.

Stop overthinking about your Health, Worry is the Most Worhless Emotion we have . It Solves Nothing.

You are definitely not alone <3

Hi Lindsey! I've had health anxiety for as long as I can remember. It's awful and I'm sorry you have to go through it.

You're definitely not alone Lindsey. I was diagnosed with anxiety in my early 20s and am now 55 and still struggle off and on. I've gone years feeling great and I've had bouts that lasted months where I was sure something was seriously wrong and I was going to die young which scared me more. I've had every test under the sun, many more than once, blood work, etc. I've been told over and over it's anxiety. The worst for me is the health anxiety. I've self diagnosed with heart problems, brain tumors, ALS or MS, etc. I'm on meds but have to change up and adjust dose sometimes. What I do find every time though is when you're not thinking about it and are pre-occupied doing something, the symptoms go away. As soon as you start thinking about them again...they're back. Anxiety is not nice but as another poster said, "none of us are getting out of this alive so you might as well enjoy life." It's very hard to push past those negative thoughts and physical symptoms sometimes but we can't let anxiety win.

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