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new viruses all over the place!

Iv`e just read on facebook that something called sapovirus is doing the rounds. It has similar symptoms to norovirus. I find this very anxiety provoking because I`m emetophobic, & I keep thinking, where are all htese new bugs coming from? When I was growing up,I only heard about someone being laid low by a stomach bug once in a blue moon, now it seems everyone is catching them & some are so ill that they wind up in hospital on a drip. I`m wondering what`s going on? Do people have weaker immune systems nowadays, or are we really seeing new viruses evolving? It`s scaring the life out of me, & I feel paranoid that these bugs are out to get me.

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Not sure about our immune systems, but I will be washing my hands more often. Thanks for the heads up.




hi there, ive got my fair share of viruses thank you very much god, no more please lol. from a young age now, kids are given antibiotics and as we grow we become immune to them, they no longer do the job. people are obsessed with hygeine, we need germs to improve our immunity. vive le bacteria lol xxx


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