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Hi all.

I have been researching the different medications available to try and counter my social anxiety. I found that only 3 medications had been approved to help with this, they are:

1. Seroxat/Paxil

2. Zoloft

3. Effexor

The first one seemed to be very effective with people suffering with SA, I just wondered if anybody had used any of these and if so what did you find with it?

I am going to see my GP soon so wanted to research what was available, I don't think counselling is for me


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I take effexor its good for anxiety


hi, i take sertraline or zoloft as its called. after the side effects wore off, i felt not too bad but i dont know anymore, feel im going backwards again. xxx good luck and i hope you get what you need xxx cookie


I take effexor also for anxiety I taking 75mg for the last 6 years and apart from a little break through anxiety I' doing ok.


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