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Missing Commode

I am sorry to bother you lovely people but I may need your help.

Just lately my sleeping patterns have gone wrong.I go to sleep when it is light and wake up when it's dark and this scares me because it seems wrong to get up for breakfast at one in the morning.

Also do you think lack of sleep could harm my memory.On Friday I lost my commode,my walking stick and my umbrella.It is hard without my commode because I keep getting my bottom stuck in an old bucket.

I am sure I lost them in the library but they told me that they don't have commodes only books.

Thank you for letting me talk at you and please advise me if you can

Thank you in adverse oap

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Hi oap

Have you been to see your GP , I do think they would be the best to help you with this

They can asses what is best for you

Take what you have written here & show them , they will be able to help

I hope you have managed to find your commode now & walking stick & umbrella

Have a word with your GP & let us now how you go on





As another OAP I sympathise with you and will think of you at night when you are awake. I will try to send some good thoughts your way Get another stick,although I walk alright I did injure the hamstring tendon last year so have to be careful. I always take a Hiking pole when I go out with the dog it really holds one up much straighter then a walking stick. How could you lose all those things or are you pulling our legs? from cotonroad


Please, love, do what Why has so wisely suggested, and see your GP - they would be best to advise you about your medication, and whether it can affect your memory. Also, they might be able to help get your sleep pattern back to more normal which should help.

Please, Oap, do see/phone your doctor, I really think you need a bit more help and support than you're getting at the moment!

Do let us know how you get on with your doctor - and hope you find your commode and stuff, I'm sure they're not far away!

Take good care, and let us know how you go on!

Big hugs and love




Oh my dear oap

I do wish I could help you.My sleeping patterns are unusual.I quite often go to sleep at 11pm and wake up about 2am when its dark and sometimes it can be confusing.

I see from your profile that you live alone in a flat.and being awake in the dark and on your own can,I am sure be a bit frightening.

Also sleep deprivation can seriously effect you and cause your mind to play tricks.You may find that you have put your missing things somewhere else and not at the library after all.

The only thing I can really say is that I totally agree with what has been said by the previous people here and that the first thing is to contact your GP ASAP and let us all know .how you are getting on

God bless you





Please try not to be frightened. There are many possible explanations for your memory problems. Follow the advice above and go to see your GP.

Keep posting.

We're all here for


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