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Going to the doctors..worried?



i need help, i'm worried, i have been suffering from GAD for about a year now, my doctor wasn't very helpful when i first went about it, all they would reccomend was a counciler and books which of both i had explained i have tried. My anxiety is getting bad, i have shakes, negative thoughts, fear of dying having to go to work everyday and put a smile on my face, my company are not aware that i suffer for GAD should i tell them? i am worried about what they may say. I dont want to go back to the doctors for them just to say try counciling again. what shall i do?


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Hi Painter. Firstly, sorry to hear you are suffering from GAD, but you are not alone. There are many of us on here that are in the same boat. A lot who who's GAD is secret and not shared with those closest to them. It's always a shame when you read that a doctor hasn't been more supportive than you had hoped. But that said all doctors are different and they will always try different methods. Perhaps from your symptoms yours doesn't want to start you on meds straight away and that counselling may be a helpful path. As someone who has had both I can tell you that counselling can be extremely helpful. Meds can sometimes only mask the underlying issues that need more deep seated attention.

Regarding work..... Is your GAD affecting your work? I have suffered for many years with anxiety but few people outside of my family and friends know. That said there is no shame in telling people and many employees can be very supportive. Just remember you are not alone.

Hello chooper, Thanks, yeah it may be worth going again but i am so scared that they wont help :/ i get so worried about the whole thing, yes slightly i get so scared going to work as i work in retail and some costumers can set me off, i have had 3 panic attacks over the worry about work this week,i can't possible take more time off as i will get a discilpinary and that thought is getting me worried.

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