I thought everything was getting better

I thought everything was getting better

Well I suffer from anxiety just like everyone else on here but I also suffer from OCD. It's so hard to live life day to day. Espically if you can't get control of your own thoughts. Lately I've been doing great! I didn't have any intrusive thoughts no anxiety attacks, I felt my old self again. But in the couple of days I've been continueisly going to the hospital. I've been there so many times that they know my name. Lately I've been thinking that I have a disease even though I show no symptoms and I went to the doctor and they told me I don't have it but still convinced that I do. I talked to my counselor about this and she said you need to separate your rational thoughts from your irrational thoughts. That is kind of hard for me because I have OCD and I obsess over things and I have intrusive thoughts that are so bad I hate thinking and being left alone with my thoughts. I'm trying my absolute hardest to keep myself sane but it's like I will never be my old self again. Sometimes I think that I would feel better in a mental hospital or just living in a hospital. That's how hard it is. Thank you for reading this. It means a lot.


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  • Anxiousgal,

    Good evening I can relate to what you say I cannot however offer you a cure as I cannot even cure myself.I am convinced every night that I am going to die and as such stop myself going to sleep

    What I can say however is that going to hospital unless you really have to is not a good option.I have just returned home after returning from hospital after having a heart attack.

    When I was 18 I spent 6 weeks in Maudesley Mental Hospital in London after suffering a nervous breakdown.Neither experience was good..There is nothing like your own home.

  • Have they run a test for thyroid antibodies an a thyroid function test (not just a TSH). Also google adrenal fatigue and general adaptation syndrome. Some nutritional imbalances aggravate my intrusive thoughts, high copper low zinc.

    Ask them to test you and not just leave u to try and correct your own thoughts. They rarely rule everything out properly once we have a label.


  • I did get my thyroid checked and they said it was ok. Everything was good.

  • jj when I was 20 I did not face up to life and the fears anxiety . and pro now its time to face each fear and all problems, slowly you will gane control of your life and the anxiety will fad away TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE JJ IDID NO ANXIETY TRUTHWILL PROVALE

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