Hello everybody,

Just wanted to quickly introduce myself.I am new here but have already had a good look around the site and it seems just what I need.

There seems to be a lot of help and advice and I 've even noticed some poems.That's nice.

Any way I am a 51 year old female and live with my disabled hubby and 3 cats.

I have just been diagnosed as having "Health anxiety and chronic insomnia and have been prescribed Citrolpam.

Looking forward to being an active member



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  • Welcome to the 'club' Dot. Health Anxiety is a bug*er - I've suffered with it off and on for 20 years so know how you feel.

    There's loads of helpful and friendly people on here who are in the same or similar boat so understand.

  • hi dot, and welcome. im 45 and have 24 cats, i love them, even more than people most of the time lol. my daughter says im the mad cat lady from the simpsons lol xxx

  • Hi Dot

    I am so pleased you have found this site

    I do hope you find it very helpful

    Lots of lovely people , that wont judge , & we do have a sense of humour , when ever we can

    Look forward to hearing more from you




  • Thank you all so much.

    You've made me feel so welcome.Perhaps in time to come I may become a "giver" instead of a "taker"

  • I am sure you are a giver , at the moment you need to take

    This is how this works though , when some are down , others try & pick them up & by versa

    You take what you need




  • Welcome,hope to hear more from you and about your cats,many years ago I had 3 cats.You are on a wonderful site.

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