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Medication change the joys

Well if suffered with anxiety for a while and been on numerous meds, but recently had them changed have been on citlopram for about 3 years but in the last year had the dose upped to 40mg, Dr decided I had been on the higher dose for too was lowered then changed to sertraline doses went up to 100mg and for the aches and restless legs 10mg amitryptaline. Went back to see the go who if seen for years before she went on sick leave , she changed me onto mirtzapine because I wasn't sleeping started on 30mg but I couldn't function through feeling like a zombie and my head spinning, so lowered to 15mg, well boy I slept too heavy esp when having a 5 and 7 year old children, and the aggression I had was terrible, so had a week off any meds and sleep was non exsistant and anxiety .levels increased, went back on Wednesday put back on sertraline with the intention of increasing in 2 weeks. I should be an old hand but how long for tabs to start working? I know I. Only on day 3 but need to sleep...oh and what's the best time to take am or pm? X

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Hi Katie oh boy what a mess

I went from 40mg citalopram to 45mg mirtazapine which i take at night and that sorted me out and still does. It did make me feel pretty sedated for a couple of days but then I was ok. Mirtazapine is more sedating at a lower dose which is prob why you slept on 15mg. How long did you take mirtazapine for? I've found it really good for sleep, anxiety and depression. I couldn't sleep day or night(not even a wink) on citalopram. I have two small kids and although I sleep I still hear them if they need me.

I hope someone can advise you re sertraline but most meds take 2/3 weeks to feel the full benefit. There are members on here that take it so hopefully someone will see your post and advise you better. I really hope you start to feel better soon. Love eve x


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