I was talking to my daughter this afternoon who is trying to help me overcome my anxiety and depression.

She says that she was talking to a neighbour about depression/anxiety in general who had just come back from Holland. The neighbour told her that in Holland Bedrocan was often prescribed in cases of depression and that it was available in this country.

I have just looked it up on the "web" and it is described as medical Cannabis beneficial in the treatment of MS. i have been unable to find if it is legal in this country or if it does help those of us who suffer from anxiety.

Has anybody had any experience or knowledge of Bedrocan please


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26 Replies

  • Would say it is illegal in this country,My daughter has MS,and has had tried this and said she would not do it again,she tried it in Amsterdam.Only way it could be legal would be if Doctor prescribed it for you

  • PS,you are lookin better in your photo today

  • Thanks Lindalou,

    I've just found out that it can be ,as you said,be prescribed at the doctor.s discretion but no mention of any beneficial effects for anxiety only for MS.

    And thanks about the photo unfortunately this is the real me I took it on my netbook this morning.I seem to have turned a bit purple though.Must be the blood pressure.

  • There is nothing wrong with the real you grogboy

    I am a bit worried though , I have high blood pressure , will I turn that colour :-D


  • Thanks for your very kind words.

    If you do go purple I would phone 111 straight away.Either your blood pressure has gone over 220 or you've got a gob stopper stuck in your throat.

    Oh I do wish I knew how to do Smilies?




  • Just put your cursor over the smiley face I have done & it will show you how its done ;-)

    ok I will take you advise if I change colour , thanks for that :-D


  • Oh dear whywhy

    I have put my cursor over the smiley and nothing happened.It did not even turn purple!

    Please remember I am an old F//T


  • You are as old as you feel :-D

    If I put mine on it , I can see :-o

    press the shift key & at the same time press :

    then its caps lock & at the same time -

    then its the shift key & at the same time )

    Shouldn't turn purple but you should get :-)






  • There you go , see I said you were never to old

    Some tricks left in you yet ;-)



  • Thanks why why

    You've really cheered me up.

    Have a peaceful and safe night


  • Pleased to hear that :-)

    You to


  • Hey you have just done a winking face to

    Slow down don't want that blood pressure going up & you going another shade of purple ;-)


  • it's ok why why

    My face is not purple any more but now i've got toothache.

    God bless

  • O goodness , I am lost for words

    Well you still have a few left to chew with

    Could be worse :-D

  • I was wondering how to do some of the faces but I can do smilieys. Will you put all the ones you know on please so I can copy them? Ta chuck.

    Bev xx PS you can also do smiley face with just : )

  • Hi grog,

    I would not recommend cannabis for anxiety, its a halucinogenic drug, allows you to trip out, hallucinate, makes you paranoid, and is linked with causing severe mental illness.

    Wishing you well



  • Thanks B

    Just wishful thinking about the old Flower Power days perhaps

    Ha Ha


  • Naught wrong with getting your old flower power trousers on again, but i'd leave the drugs to the youngen's grog :-)

    Hope your doing well



  • Good advice as usual B Actually I have never touched illegal drugs although plenty were about in the 50's and 60's.Now days I don't drink...don't smoke and don't lose my temper. THat's probably why i am so Blxxdy miserable.

    Hope you are well also



  • I know the feeling grog, I'm down to the cigs as my last stand and gradually saying goodbye to them too.

    I find just the simple company of a friend a wife a son a daughter can be so rewarding, or a good walk in nature.

    ................................the simple things.........................................

    All the best grog



  • If its prescribed by a doctor B these affects are taken out. Its only in its raw state that it causes those symptons.

  • Hello there.

    This is a can of worms.

    I am a member of Anxiety.Org which is based in America.They have done some trials and found out that Bedrocan has a variety of medical uses including the treatment of depression and anxiety amongst other things.

    I do not think you can get it here in the UK. Even on prescription but I am not 100% sure.But even if you could I would be very dubious about taking it !!!

    Having said that many of us here,including me,take tabs for anxiety etc., and do we really know whats in them? I know there is a leaflet that comes with medication but I have no idea what half the ingredients are.

    I think it is a case of " you pays your money and you take your choice"

    Best Wishes

  • Hello grog nice to see you on here again.

    Yes I have heard of Bedrocan. As you know my dear old Mum had MS and this drug was in trials by a Dutch company at that time.and mentioned not as a cure but as a possible relief for the pain and stiffness of MS.

    As a cure for anxiety I do not know except that I would never touch it.

    Keep Well



  • Oh,aye,blame the b/p!

  • I think cannabis if used properly can help ease pain and also calm the nerves.

    I would say though that it would have to be in the form of a prescribed medication such as Bedrocan and not in its raw state

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