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Chest Pains

So the chest pain is still a problem...I'm convinced it's either to do with that fact that I've stopped smoking or my chest muscles are all tense.

I'm not even particularly stressed about anything so I don't know why they would be tensed up but it is starting to get me down now. It's hard work thinking your world is going to end every 5-10 minutes. Occasionally I gulp for a breath and that panics me even more. Tried paracetamol and Ibropufen and it didnt help at all. :-(

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Hello Ashley,

Chest pains is a common withdrawal symptom when your quitting smoking (massive well done by the way) also Anxiety is symptom aswell and should only last in the very early stages of quitting and should disappear soon.

If you're really worried you should call your local out of hours health centre or NHS 111 that will give you some reassurance and could take away the Anxiety.


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