Garden Party

Does no one go to BriarRose,s garden no more,I have popped in once or twice and no one is there ,it is looking gorgeous ,all spring blossoms,bluebells ,tulips,nice fresh buds on the trees,baby rabbits and baby squirrels ,but no friends,maybe I just miss them.And wow,her tree house is just fab,clean shiny windows,all fresh and tidy,Rose must be popping in!


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11 Replies

  • Hi

    Yes we have been popping in when we need a moment

    Rose will reply , there nearly was a party last week , but without Rose ,it wouldn't have been the same & she couldn't attend

    Now when she sees this , who knows we might get a treat ;-)


    Over to you :-D


  • I live in a bunker under the tree with the treehouse :-) xxx shhhhhhh

  • :-D


  • What a lovely idea Lindalou ~ all the birds and the flowers ~ it will be beautiful in the Springtime. Definately need a get together

  • Yeah liz but you stay away from the pond this time eh lol xxx

  • Spoilsport .... :-D

  • Hi there -

    Yes, we do need a Garden Party - sorry for the long gap, but i haven't honestly felt well enough to arrange one - sorry! :( I'm hoping to be able to have one tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon - if I do, it will be a posh one, long dresses and big hats, ladies, and any gentleman, striped blazers and panama hats - we''ll pretend we're Edwardians lol!!!

    Fingers crossed, I'll do my best to organise it! :) Think we could all use a party!

    Lots of love



  • How lovely to hear you again, Rosie. A garden party sounds great - I know a bank where the wild thyme grows.........xxxxxxxxx

  • Coriander is good for anxiety,I have it all the time,I buy it fresh,even put it on sandwiches,put it on everything and I have it dried,in everything! Hope some grows in the garden!I know the sun always shines in the garden but it is to be a dry day tomorrow,hope Ann brings some hats to wear with our dresses.

  • I would like to wear a maxi dress , are they allowed ? they are all in at the moment & I have seen a nice one


  • Yes,I can't,I,m only 5ft tall(nearly)I would need to carry it about.

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