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I will beat my anxiety

At the moment I'm currently on 60mg of propanolol to help with my anxiety.still get mild anxiety problems like feeling a little light headed,on edge,stomach churning and generally wary of stepping out the front door.i keep reading exercise is a good way 38 and bar anxiety I'm healthy but keep reading should be careful of exercise with the medication I'm taking as it slows heart rate whilst exercise will obviously raise it.anyone else on the same medication can give me some advice on whats classed as safe exercise.

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Hi Lynne

I find the word exercise often puts people off - I prefer to call it activity. You could join a gym, but if you're an anxious person the whole gym environment could set you back - new people, high expectations, body image issues etc - for many people that's guaranteed failure. Why not set yourself some goals that you can manage - achieving something is a reward in itself and then you want to try more. You say you are wary of stepping out of the door so my initial thought of going for walks might not be manageable. What you could do is get a pedometer - you just clip it to your waistband, and it tells you how much you have walked each day - even walking up and down the stairs counts. But if you can go out, even if you can only go to familiar places, you can actually see that you are managing to do at least a little every day. They suggest you should do 10,000 steps a day - on my bad days I only have 2,000, so I try to make up for it on my good days. The other day I walked along the river bank and back, and got 14,000, I felt relaxed and I slept really well that night.

Good luck



Thanks for your speedy reply as much as I'm apprehensive going out with having 2 young boys and a fiancé who works abroad I have to go out regardless of how I feel.i do have good days but when I have a bad day it really can be a challenge to get out.ive always lacked fiancé wants to go on walks and even go swimming when he's up for that just feel anxious doing it alone incase I pass out when I hyperventilate through my anxiety attacks.i have got a brand new exercise bike but as yet haven't sat on it due to not knowing if its ok with the medication I much as the medication makes me feel a bit spaced out it does help me in other aspects of my anxiety.had this on and off for a year and I hope when my counselling starts soon I can put these attacks to bed once and for all.


Well I'm no expert but I think the key thing is to do exactly what you want to do and what you can manage. If you walk, you have to walk at your own speed, if you swim you only swim the distance and speed that is comfortable for you. If it's not fun and it makes you feel unwell then you're only going to worry and that is something you don't need.

Before you use the exercise bike maybe take some advice from the pharmacist or your GP, but I would guess they would be supportive of you taking some gentle exercise, and maybe you could use it slowly at first. Maybe 5 minutes, at a slow speed, just to get the blood circulating but not get in a sweat or burning any muscles. Build up a few minutes every day, but always stop before you feel tired or strained.

I would guess that with two little ones you already get plenty of activity - maybe the key to this one is to be doing something that is good for you, and that the time is for you alone.


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