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Any advice on dealing with anxiety during times of 'real' stress??

I suffer from health anxiety after having a break down 3 years ago. Initially it was triggered by the death of my dad followed by my mum's breast cancer diagnosis. My mum had successful treatment and has been ok for the past 3 years, however, she has numerous 'scares' that the cancer is back, or a new cancer has occurred. During these times i find it extremely hard to cope with my anxiety. I stopped my medication in January and am now regretting it. She's having a current scare...unfortunately at the same time as i'm struggling in general.

Just wondering if anyone has any advice on coping in these situations. My normal coping strategies during periods of general anxiety don't seem to work during 'real' scares (if that makes sense!)

Thanks for reading.

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i was with a friend the last few weeks so i know how horrid cancer can be but by the sounds of it your mum has it running

my advice would be kind to yourself

have a warm bath light candles or lay in the dark

write everything down sounds pointless i know but its a release

speak to your GP they have contacts for support groups or maybe speak to someone from macmillian maybe see about starting the medication again before it comes to crisis point and im always around if you want an ear

sarah x

ps how do you usually cope


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