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Im sorry mum. Im sorry Sybil. R.I.P x

Ok heres the thing i live by one rule you live you learn you move on. Basically if its out of your control deal with it and move on, dont dwell on it. which for just about every situation works.... except this one.

Last week there was a murder in darlington not five minutes from my front door. Reports in the paper said three men arrested after the discovery of 80yr old sybil sibthorpe. She had suffered a sustained attack which left her with fatal head injuries. Saturday morning the northern echo reported that 40yr old lee edward grainger is being charged with her murder. After reading that i rang my mum, who last year was attacked by a patient at her work at the hospital. She always maintained that if the doctors hadnt stepped in to stop the attack he would have killed her. I asked what the name of the man was, my blood turned to ice when she replied LEE GRAINGER! Lee was found guilty for attacking my mum but recieved a non custodial sentence, he then went on to attack a bus driver earlier this year and now this!! This has crushed my mums world as well as my own. If thats the kind of man that attacked my mum i dread to think what he could have done to her :'(. Im absolutely devostated both for the fact that i had to deliver her the news that he has now killed someone but as well as that sybil died needlessly because of our justice system has allowed him on at least two occations to walk away from court a free man.

But now im convinced he is going to get away with it again and i dont know how to handle it. He is going to be defending him in court, they are going to try and claim that he cant be accountable because he was too off his on drugs to know what he was doing at the time of the attack. He will try get the charge reduced to manslaughter and then probably play the mental health card. He cant handle prison, boo hoo woe is me sob story. It keeps playing around inside my head and i really dont know how to handle all these thoughts and feelings.

I hope he rots in hell but to be fair even that is too good for him.


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Sorry to hear about this it's awful...

I hope justice is done this time.....surely they will take previous convictions etc into account...

Sue xxx



What a terrible ordeal for all concerned and can understand why you are so worried.

I hope justice is done this time and taking into consideration previous convictions he should be locked up.

Sometimes you think why do the courts allow someone like this to roam around the streets knowing they are capable of repeating the same attack.

I pray for you and your family and other victims that they may see this person put away.

Take care

Love Seyi xxx


I hate people like this! they commit the most atrocious crimes, then blame their illnesses for their behaviour. They should keep these animals permanently locked away, then we would all be much safer.


Well he appeared in court yesterday and has been remanded i really hope we see justice served he deserves to rot in hell but i'll settle for a prison cell x