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Still exploring the nutrition and sugars

I am still trying to correct my thyroid and adrenal problem together with my deficiencies. Was doing really well lately, much calmer but I was still swollen and hypo so the meds had to go up.

I have been lazy about my organic veg and fruit intake which was really helping my BP which has gone back up a bit. Still off gluten though.

Well last 2 or 3 days the anxt n depression kicked back in and have been taking a mineral sup so I don't know if it is that or the raised thyroid using up the extra cortisol.

I suppose I ill try to carry on with both and rest hoping it is just something detoxing.

Nutrition and hormones are so hard, but I have done all the 'conventional' treatments these past 35 yrs.

The fibromyalgia boards mention a lot of anx and I do have that but am on enough pharma poison already without fibro meds.

Ah well, onward and upwards.

hugs Dawnx

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I feel diet plays a big part in getting better regarding the anxiety and IBS, not sure about the others as I dont suffer with them.

I take some vitamins occassionally, but for me I feel the anxiety imbalance can be adjusted by how we are in our bodies, i.e. thinking. or not worrying so much, and being happy in ourselves, I'm not sure what chemical it releases, but it seems to sort it all out at once, the symptoms become far less, worrying is less too.

Wish you well




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