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What to do?

Hi, it's me again. Please help i was sitting at home watching tv and then i had a thought that came into my mind of me dying, now I'm totally worried and scared to sleep tonight. Im now trying to think back as to how i had this thought,if it was me thinking it myself or did it come into my head randomly but now my mind won't even allow me to work this out and I'm totally worried to the max. What do i do how do I convince myself cause i know i won't sleep tonight and have to attend something important tomorow morning. Cheers!

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Hi. Hope you slept ok and now feel better knowing that you are still in the land of the living. Anxiety is a terrible thing, I suffer with similar symptoms, I get a horrible thought in my head, usually just a remembrance of some horrible news story and then I panic that I will never get rid of the thought. I then feel constantly uneasy like these thoughts are dogging me and I spend all the time checking what I am thinking therefore putting the thought back in! Its a nightmare. Hope it helps you to know there are others suffering like you. Its a daily battle.


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