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What to do

Well it's 5.30am and I 've not slept at all.I've either walked around the bedroom 0r just sat on the floor and rocked back and forth.

It's been the worst night since I came out of hospital nearly 3 weeks ago.I am of having another heart attack.My chest feels tight I feel very very sick and I am shivering.I have been like this for nearly 12 hours now so I am starting to think/hope that it is just anxiety.

Do I phone the out of hours doctor or just sweat it out.I am just so scared.

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Your call grogboy,

If its anxiety, it could be to do with the change in seasons, as I've been getting energy blasts when I'm supposed to be going to bed at night.

I'm not sure of your physical state, but I go downstairs, and march on the spot, getting my knees up towards my chest, and just keep marching till the adrenaline burns out.

I'm sure the doctors have dealt with your heart physically, but if not sure a quick phone to William Harvey might calm you.

What I do too, is put loving kindness thoughts into my heart, its surprising the way the heart calms down.

This link shows how to do it. I know its a bit fluffy, but health is important and this works.

wishing you well




Hi grogboy

My biggest fear is having a heart attack and surviving, the stress of wondering if and when you will have another must be mental torture for you. Have you tried all the usual stuff before going to bed, no visual stimulation, relaxing bath etc. I've been prescribed sleeping pills which are no use.

Speak to your GP about it as soon as you can. You are in my thoughts. Xxxxx

Love Cookie xxx


Hello Cookie,

Thanks for your kind thoughts.I am used to trying to help others and was known as the "Doc" where I last worked because people used to come to me for advice.

At the moment I seem to be keeping on about my own problems and I hate doing that.

Yes I am scared of having another heart attack.My first one was completely unexpected.I can remember the crushing pain at 1am the trembling and the cold sweat.pouring off my face.I remember dialing 999 and opening the front door where I collapsed on the pavement.After that I remember nothing for nearly three days.They stented me at the hospital and put me in a light coma to help recovery.

I had congested lungs for which they gave me anti biotics as well as treating me for the heart attack and subsequent heart failure.

The William Harvey was great.Since being transferred to my local hospital....The Medway physical care has also been good.They have arranged various clinics for me to attend,tests to be undertaken;and a nurse comes once a week.

But as you say there is a lot of mental trauma which follows serious illness.There is fear,nightmares,sleeplessness and depression.For these I am getting no help.My GP will not visit me but has prescribed 2mg of valium per night and these don't seem to help.

God bless all you people here that are really helping me xxx


Hi again, and you are more than welcome. My dad was in the Medway last year, they live in rainham, and his care was really good. It annoys me when people diss the NHS. I think considering staff shortages, shite pay and government cut backs, they do an amazing job.

I was given 3.5mg zopiclone, but it gave me a fuzzy head in the morning.

I really wish you well in your recovery, you are so brave, I'd be a gibbering wreck camping outside the hospital. My nerves would be in shreds. As I said before, having what your going through is my biggest fear.

Lots of love and warm hugs xxxxx Cookie


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