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Im back :-)

Hi all, hope ur all doing ok? Ive had a good wk not been thinking about anxiety, since monday and all i have had is a few of the symtoms now and again. Nuthing thats made me stop and go oohhh no not again lol i was mega pissed of monday cuz i never stopped home alone on sunday night but i soon picked myself back up by telling myself ive avoided it so long that im not going to just do it first time. Its going to take time. Love to u all xxx

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Hi donaf

Lovely to see you on I have been thinking about you

How is the meds going ?

I am still taking mine m still not happy about it , but taking them :-/





glad ur still doing really well whywhy, ive only took two all wk :-( tonite being my 2nd. Some wks i do good but the rest not good at all. Ive just got to keep trying i will get there thou :-) im missed you all this wk will have to have a read thou all the blogs tomorrow xxx


Never mind , you will get there with them , I no what its like , I am struggling :-o

We have missed you to



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