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I always seem to be really anxious and depressed the monring after I've watched tv the previous evening. I wonder if there is any reason for this or if its just coincidence. I seem to have a good day and think its all going away and then down it all goes and I'm back with the fear and anxiety again. Maybe I'm lucky to have some good days. Disappointing to say the least. cotonroad .

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Could be a coincidence , or could be some truth to it

Try & do a little experiment , if I am watching TV before I go to bed , I choose nice things to watch , that will relax me or make me laugh , I have noticed upsetting or busy programmes , play on my mind if I watch them before bed

So observe if you feel like this no matter what you watch or is it certain things ?

If you notice its certain things , then avoid them

If its everything , save on electric , switch of TV , read a book , listen to some music instead

I have heard TV can effect people in this way

Great you have been having some good days , on this road to recovery we do get the bad days still , try not to feel disappointed , look at how far you have come & how well you have done

You will have to let us no you findings with the TV




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