Job Interview!!! Not fit for Work!!!

Job Interview!!! Not fit for Work!!!

So I went for a job interview yesturday for a bus driver, their were 3 stageages of the interview, 1) a written assessment, 2) a driving assessment & 3) the interview, as I turned up to the interview I felt panicky whitch is'nt normal for me to feel in these situations, I'm normally very confident and my anxiety would be nowhere to be seen, well this times its taken a front seat, so yeh. I'm feeling panicky I take a seat and a women puts the written assessment in front of me and I begin, half way through the written I'm sweating quite badly and feeling dizzy, I got through it but barely, then I get taken through to another room to have the interview, standing up for a short moment of time had helped me get myself together a little but I was not aware about what I was about to feel, so I take a seat with the main man at his desk and the interview starts, everything was going well, then as the interview went on I started becoming aware of feeling all weird and not right. I started having heart palps and sweating again, through all of this I kept myself composed and tried to act normal, but eventually I could'nt deal with it all and had to stop the guy talking and ask him if he did'nt mind if I went to the toilet, I'm pretty sure he could see I was'nt quite right, he said yes so I quickly got up and went to the loo, I went into a cubicle and nearly starting crying I was a mess a complete Reck, I took a proprananolol and took some deep breaths pretty soon I felt ok again but I was'nt quite right so I called my girlfriend for some comfort and to tell her what was happening, she told me to explain the the guy what had happened but I thought its best not to as it might effect me getting the job, anyway I sorted myself out and went back to the interview, the guy was waiting and I explained I felt panicky in interviews (not true) he laughed it off and said not to worry, I was past the hard part he said, so he began explaining company policy and how pay is worked out ect, I felt fine for a little while then Bang it all starting happening again but luckily I managed to hold it together till the end of the interview, then came the driving assessment, that went well, I feel fine when I'm driving probably because I am in control of the situation, but at the end of the assessment the women who was assessing me starting talking about the drive and how I did well but all I wanted to do was get the hell out of the van, the hole process of the interview and assessments took over 2 hours and through all of it I was battleing my anxiety, I don't think I even managed to listen to the guy in the interview because I was that tied up with trying to cope with the anxiety. I know in myself I'm not ready for work but again I'm in a battle with myself over self pride and I don't want to let anyone down,

P.S Anxiety is ruleing my life :'(


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  • I can really empathise with this, poor you I'm so sorry..I'm not working at he moment had to give up my job due to anxiety, a good job too...

    It's real difficult, the feeling you are letting people down I am like that...but we need to give ourselves time to get better....

    I hope you have a good day today...your not alone in feeling the way you do


  • Hiya and well done for getting through it.

    I gave up work due to anxiety and like sleepless, it was a good job and I loved it but as it involved caring for people at the end of their lives I needed to be there 100% mentally and emotionally and I couldn't do that so I left. I miss the people though, they were so brave. Xxx good luck to you and give yourself a pat on the back xxx

  • Hi mate,if you are not ready then that's it.I was offered a job about a month ago,like you,I had 3 stages to go through,sign up to the agency,already sweating like a sumos crutch,interview with the actual employer,sweating like several crutches and very concerned that it is obvious to everyone,final stage,fill in crb form etc,felt guilty filling one in,whats all that about.

    I got home and thought,no chance,too old,too sweaty,came across as not suitable,I felt as if they could see my anxiety as, at the time,I was in a very bad state.Guess what,phone call,job offer,the outstanding applicant.I was not elated,I could not sleep and at 2 the following morning I sent an email declining the offer.I knew I was not ready,sure,I was pissed off but,I needed to be honest.Still a bit gutted but off in a different direction now,a completely unexpected direction but one that I believe suits me and will also help me to fully recover.

    Don't feel too down,things happen for a reason,my anxiety has led me in the direction I am heading and its the right direction for me,your time will come.

  • Well said, I believe things happen for a reason. I'm glad you are happy in what you do. Xxx

  • Yes i too have turned 2 job offers down, feel so guilty but I know I'm not ready and couldn't go through the anxiety that comes with work when you are not ready it is so awful...I agree with Castel


  • Thanks for all your comments I really like to hear what other people have to say and its nice to know people read my blogs, thanks for all your support, :) cheers,


  • I think you should give yourself a huge pat on the back for getting through a 2 hour interview, anyone would find that stressful, let alone if you have panic/ anxiety problems. You did really well. I find my job relieves me of my anxiety and I have no problems when I am working as it occupies my mind. Maybe as you feel 'in control' when you are driving you would be fine to do this job. I hope whatever you decide works out for you. BUT, well done again for staying with the interview. A great acheivement. xx

  • You went to the Interview, yes you panicked, but massive YES is that you stayed and faced it, I say well done x

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