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I’m freaking out, please help

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Just been to hospital and I’m being treated for a clot on my lung, I’m home with medication and awaiting a scan but I’m so freaked out that I’m gonna die, I’ve tried telling myself they wouldn’t of sent me home if it wasn’t ok (would they) I just can’t shake it and I’m feeling weird and scared. Any response would be so welcomed, thank you for readind

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(((((((((((( hug))))))))))))

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Cimmy in reply to Starrlight

Thank you for the hug, it means a lot

They wouldn't release you unless you were okay. Hugs xx

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Cimmy in reply to Luna_Child

Hi Luna, thanks for the reply and hug they are greatfully received, I know I’m being stupid and it my anxiety rearing it’s ugly head yet again, I just want some peace xx

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Luna_Child in reply to Cimmy

I know you do, I hear you. They can't release you unless the doctor says they can.

Sorry to hear about the blood clot. Does the National Health Service have any warm lines you can call or any nursing lines? If it does, maybe that would be a good option. I live in the U.S., so things are different this side of the Pond. Hang in there. Maybe drink some decaffeinated tea. A warm beverage usually helps me calm down. Also sleeping with your back and chest elevated while laying on one's is usually recommended for better breathing. Keep posting responses if it helps 🙂

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Cimmy in reply to Gkaneesdoguu

Hi and Thankyou for your kind reply, I know I’m just being silly but my anxiety is in overdrive at the moment, thanks for all the good advice, it’s so kind of you to care and that helps a lot

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Gkaneesdoguu in reply to Cimmy

Not a problem. You are welcome. I do not think your concerns are silly. I know the stiff upper lip is very British, and I respect that, but how you feel is how you feel. Sometimes it helps me to write out my fears in one torrent, set aside the list a moment and then examine the fears again, in a more analytical way. That shifts me to a calmer mental state because I have taken the moment to disengage from my concerns. Maybe this can work for you too.

Hey Cimmy, are you feeling any better?

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Cimmy in reply to Gkaneesdoguu

Hi, I’m feeling a little better thank you for asking, I’m not in as much pain but still feel a bit breathless and sluggish and I’ve got terrible reflux just to add to the mix😳 thanks again, it means a lot ((((hugs))))

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Gkaneesdoguu in reply to Cimmy

Glad you are feeling a bit better. Until the clot clears the lungs, you probably will feel sluggish. Rest with people who care about you being with you would probably be highly beneficial. Try some mint tea for the acid reflux. Over this side of the Pond, mint is an ancient medicine for many things that are wrong with the stomach and intestines. Mint leaves have oils that sooth the stomach when it has indigestion problems like you are describing. It also aids with gas in the stomach and stomach up-set. Strong dosages of mint tea are a remedy for constipation. The darker the tea, the stronger the medicine. Sorry if I am telling you things you already know. Just respect the mint medicine and it will take care of you. Let me know please if this is helpful or if you have questions about brewing the mint tea. Feel better!

No they would have kept you in definitely, the meds are probably to disperse the clot , you’ll be fine, keep strong , we’re all here for you 👍

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Cimmy in reply to Arymretep

Thank you so much for your kind reply, I know I’m being silly but my anxiety won’t give me any peace, I always let it get the better of me . It’s so reassuring knowing there is support out there

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Arymretep in reply to Cimmy

You’re not being silly . I know what’s like to feel anxious , try and take your mind off it ,I find deep breathing helps my anxiety a lot

I don't think they would have sent you home if they didn't think you'd be ok, they'd want to keep you under observation.I know I would be pretty scared too. It's a perfectly natural reaction.You could try ringing 111, if you're worried.

Hi Cimmy, try not to panic I had a massive clot on my lung and I’m still here to tell the tale. I was shocked I was just sent home with blood thinners as I was in excruciating pain! Your body should absorb the clot naturally over a few weeks. If I can be of any further help feel free to pm me. Best wishes


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Catgirl1976 in reply to Xene

Yes I was sent home with blood thinner tablets as well which was 2 tablets a day for the first three weeks and after that the dose dropped to 1 a day.

I remember being frightened in the assessment unit when I was on a trolley there waiting to go upstairs to a bed and the nurse had held my hand and reassured me I would be fine.

Dearest Cimmy, you may be home but know that you are being treatedand are in good hands. Sending my love :) xx

((hugs)) 💜 hang in there. Try to make yourself as comfortable as you can, I know easier said than done, but try to be kind to yourself and try to rest and find something to distract yourself. Coming here was a good start, there's so many helpful supportive people here to help you along the way. You can message me if you would like someone to talk or vent to.. my thoughts and prayers go out to you.

I had this happen to me back in 2017 and they kept me on the respiratory ward overnight to keep an eye on me after having spent hours in a and e and the assessment unit there.

I can remember saying to the nurse that I was worried about going home after that had happened and she had reassured me I would be fine and I was and you will be as well when you come to terms with the shock of what's happened.

hey i am sorry you are going through these i hope you Get better xoxo

hi there sorry to hear about your clot. my mum had one in October. they gave her meds to disperse it - the meds are pretty strong ( blood thinners) & this is usual way they treat clots. you may feel exhausted after the clot. this is normal. go at your own pace for a bit but keep moving if you can. You will probably see a haematologist & or a lung specialist who keep an eye on your meds & clot treatment.

if it is your first clot, you may not need to see anyone & may just need meds for a short time.

hope that helps your anxiety & sending gentle hugs.

ps my mum is in her late 70’s and is recovering well from her clot

I understand. I have not been feeling well and I’ve been worried I’ll have a stroke. This morning I saw my vascular doctor and he told me that an artery in my arm is narrowed and drawing blood away from my brain. He then explained to me how he’ll treat it without surgery. I was so relieved to finally know why I have been lightheaded and dizzy. But I can understand your situation. You’re in my prayers tonight.👍

I'm so sorry you're going through this. I don't know anything about a clot but the other comments sound very reassuring. It's scary to hear something like that and then be sent home. Years ago the doctors at the ER found a tumor in one of my lungs (never smoked) and sent me home that night. I was never so scared. I was in full blown panic.In this case there wasn't much more they could tell me at the time. But I think medical/health care professionals sometimes don't explain things enough and don't realize how scary their words can be to a non medical person. I did eventually need a very serious surgery but I made it thanks to a miracle surgeon. Try to follow their instructions for medicine and the rest and then practice self care rest and take it easy. you have lots of us sending good thoughts.

Praying now.🙏💗

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Cimmy in reply to Tara52

Thank you Tara52

Hi, you'll be fine and on the right treatment, the anxiety is the hardest to cope with, you are maybe suffering from a "post traumatic stress disorder" as it is s a shock to get such a diagnosis, your GP or practice nurse would be able to prescribe you something to help for a short period to help you feel a little calmer till you process it all, some of those herbal tea,s are really helpful also , if you ask at a health food and supplement shop they'll recommend one, Also the NHS have online help including videos to help with anxiety stress and not sleeping

Thinking of you with love x x

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Cimmy in reply to Slow1

Thank you for your kind reply, it has been of great comfort to me

Hey Cimmy, hang on in there. Docs would absolutely NOT send you home unless they were confident you would recover with the meds they've given you. You will be fine and they'll keep an eye on you. You could ask your doc if there's anything suitable you could take short term for your anxiety, Diazepam maybe or something similar. Sending love and hugs, honey, you'll be fine. 😘😘🤗🤗🤗😘😘

Hey Cimmy. I get severe anxiety too and freaking out is scary. You're right they wouldn't have sent you home if there was danger, so concentrate on that thought. And when you can, also try and distract yourself - with music, friends, a walk?, whatever you usually do.

Have you tried the Havening technique to help calm down . If you youtube it there are quite a few useful videos. I just discovered it and it really helps break the 'loop' sometimes

Hi Cimmy. My.mother h33aed multiple clots onW her lungs and survived thanks to the miracle of anticoagulents. I really don't think they would have sent you home if they felt they were compromising your health in any way. Try and calmly distract yourself..obviously no sports...reading..sewing..puzzles...movie binging....etc...THIS TOO SHALL PASS..Prayers and hugs for you😇


Keep strong! If you are able to talk with the doctor that treated you do that. Get all your questions answered. It may ease your mind.

I hope this helps. My wife recently attended a&e for a suspected clot on her lungs. She tested negative once in a&.e on the blood test for signs of a clot but needed a ct pulmonary angiogram to be sure. To be on the safe side she was given blood thinners to take until a clot could be ruled in or out by the ct scan. We we’re told that either way the blood thinners she was given were the treatment should there be a clot.

She had the scan 4 days later and there was no clot so could stop the blood thiners.

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Cimmy in reply to Stu888

Thank you for your kind reply, I’m on the blood thinners and awaiting a scan, I was just a bit shell shocked when they thought I had a clot, I just freaked out and my anxiety showed it’s ugly head with force. I will be glad when I’ve had the scan, thanks again I’m hopeful it will be ok now

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Stu888 in reply to Cimmy

I can 100% understand your anxiety as I would worry exactly like you too. My wife was quite easy going about it because the blood tests didn’t show a clot and the medication as a precaution was treatment for a clot in any event. Take care Stuart

No, they wouldn't send you home if you weren't ok. Hope you're feeling better and the scan turns out fine. When is the scan. I had ultrasound of both legs a few weeks ago to rule out blood clots due to increased swelling and pain following hip replacement surgery the end of Feb. Luckily no DVT. Some of the swelling was from the surgery and some from one of the blood pressure meds I was on(had been on that med quite a while with no problem) Now on different meds and the swelling has finally subsided.Keep us posted! Se6more hugs!!

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Cimmy in reply to bethelbee

Hi and thanks for the kind reply, I’m waiting for my scan should hear in the next couple of days, I am on blood thinners in the meantime, so hopefully won’t be long. Hope your well and take care (((( hugs))))

I’m so sorry to hear about your health troubles. I hope it all works out, and I truly believe that it will. I mean, they sent you home. That has to be a good sign. Please try not to worry. Find something to do that brings you some laughter. I find that comedy movies are helpful. At least, temporarily. But just try to remain optimistic. I’ll send up a prayer for you. 🙏❤️

You’ve got a pulmonary embolism. It’s actually very common. They may dc you with eliquis or some blood thinner it’s very effective. I wouldn’t worry about it as long as you can breathe. If you can it may just be a small clot. They won’t discharge you if you have a high probability of being readmitted.

Ihope you are feeling a wèe bit calmer.now. of course we all care cos it could happen to any one of us! My ex got rushed to hospital about 6 months ago and felt the same as you! He took the blood thinners and is completely fine now and can go for miles! So dont worry tòo much, as the hospitals know what theyre doing! Sending you love and big hugs!! 💕 xx

Hi Cimmy, we are all here for you and everything will be okay. I know it may seem hard in the moment but try and find things that bring peace, try meditating, praying if you are religious or talk to family or friend. Please don’t trouble yourself by jumping to conclusions of death, I don’t think they would send you home for if it was serious. Don’t overthink, you will be okay.

Thank you for your kind reply, it brings me great comfort to know there are caring people out there, I’ve always been an over thinker😔 but everybody has been so kind and caring so thanks again

They wouldn't release you if they were worried. What medication are you on? The medication will help and ease your mind. Hugs and wishes xxxxx

I’m on blood thinners at the moment, I’m waiting for a scan. Thank you for your kind reply it’s nice to know there are so many kind people on this forum, it really has helped ((((hugs))))

I'm on rivaroxaban. Have been on them since December. I'm always here if you need to talk or need someone to listen xxxxxx

Hi, these are the tablets I’ve been prescribed, can I ask what you take them for as I’ve only been given a 7 day course I am waiting to have a scan, it’s all so very scary 😟 thanks for your reply and for kindness

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