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Hospices time of life.

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Well I made the decision to start hospices. It started yesterday. They came in fast, so I can be comfortable with in my own skin. It's been overwhelmed with the reality of the truth with the family. I'm comfortable, not feeling I'm going 1000 miles in my thoughts and feelings, body. Been able to watch my husband with tractor remove dead trees. Make the most of time left. Kinda feeling releft.

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Bless you I know this was hard for you. My Mom was on hospice for a year.They made such a big difference for her. They are kind and caring and were with her to the end.Spend your time enjoying your family and the beauty of an ordinary day🙏🙏🙏

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I use to be a hospices care type person. To many over the years. Made wish come true and love them. Spend a lot of time with laughing and crying. I love it. Thank you.

I dont know what to say i am here for u

I know you are and very grateful. This journey is new but knew it would come. I think right now I'm numb. I'm not in pain and fighting to breathe. Or with the emotional mentally hurt and pain of the grandkids. I'm going to make the best with my time and family. Love, Peace, Laughter, Joy. But most of anything continue growing close to the Lord. No one needs to say anything just be here. Thank you.

Right here next to you

U don't need to say anything. Just being is great

You are a blessed soul .i am here for u

And I for u my friend.

Any time i am retired u just hollervi am with u

I am right here we are holding hands

You are not alone

This is your time now to have someone take care of you as you did for others.

You are in the best of hands with your hospice care team. I wish you peace of heart

and mind dear friend. My hand is held out to you if you need to talk. We are right

here by your side. You are not alone. :) xx

I'm counting on you all and I will be here for each of you.

I just fell asleep and woke up terrified i hate that at niight.klonopin time

With love :) xx

Love to u

Thank you for your caring heart.

I was a med tech for 19 years in internal medicine made me feel better to take care of others. This is hard when you are left by yoursself closest friends an hour away and not not well

Do u mind me asking where you live?

Indiana close to chicago

Have to go cleannup aftrr bella

She s eating thank god she s eating

So happy to hear. How u doing?

I m depressed cryjng a lot but i m here are u up

Rember i do that a lot at night just say bobbie are u awake i m here

I sleep a little and am up a lot not much of a tv watcher anymore

I usely sleep good. But if I can't I will call on u. Good night. Praying u'll be able to sleep all night 💤

I am here just took night meds for panic if you need meci m right here

Remb holding hands

Hi, I hope you are okay. Glad you reached out to us on here.🙂

I numb trying to take it all in. But I am at peace. I've been working hard to breathe and to just get to rest room. Everything was taken a toll on me emotionally, mentally, physically but most of all spiritually.

I'm praying you will get through this. Sounds really rough.

Try to calm down thr lord is with us

I m up csnt sleep

Wakin up crying

Are u up

YES getting ready to do my encountering peace meditation and then sleep. Are you doing ok

I m crying and i m cold and scared

What u scare of hon

I m.sick too 109 pounds saw dr about a month ago not going to talk about it tonightYou try to sleep a bit its cold here in indiana

Well talk tomorrow. Nite. My the Lord cover u from all that is fear and scarring u. Give u peace to rest. Amen

I ll be ok...whrre are you it s cold here


Warm there be safe go to bed i ll be ok

I csnt stop crying

Get some rest i m going to try again

Love you

I cant sleep i want to hear john lennon sing and this crappy phone wont work

Hi there. Listen, she's going through a lot. She can't help you. Stop bothering her.


I didnt bother her

No u haven't sorry just now getting in. Very busy day with the hospices. How are you doing today? 💖. When things settle down u and I can talk. Sending hugs 🤗

I am here just trying to get bella to eat a few bites

Well said!

I'm here for her when I can. Today was busy with getting everything done on hospice. Thank you for caring. Sending hugs

You too.💖 Feel free to send me a personal message if you want to.

How are you doing? Me just overwhelmed. But they took a lot of neb meds away now take 1 with dual action. Change my anxiety med to works faster and longer, better. I already feeling less working to breathe. Hope your day goes good ❤️.

I have issues with severe depression and anxiety, I recently just had my 2nd Covid vaccine shot. It threw me for a loop the first 2 days after it, I was very tired and my nerves were shot, so to speak. That was this past Monday. Now today I'm just taking it easy. I'm going to shower soon. That vaccine didn't bother me too much on the first shot, but the 2nd is intense.

2nd did the same to me for 3 days but all good now. 1at one the next day arm hurt 5min and nothing else

Bella is with u too we both are

How u doing? 🌞

Bella I welcome to.

Bella is right here crying on so many meds and less than 6 months if i m lucky

How are you doing today ?she s crying

I cant stop crying i wish i could

She is 24 pounds i always thought small to medium cavalier not a large dog and i m 109 i have the heart prob along with the panic .the panic has been so bad at night U know i m bobbie right

She is one of the baby snowball is her name

What made you decide on hospice i knoe was a hard decision

I am here my day has been a panic day i dont know why little bella i have to put food into her mouth to get her to eat anything

How old is she? My husband line all ours spoon feeds them then wonder why he hungry. 😂 Quote feeding the dogs all ur food. Try u eating it. lol

She wont eat any other way and i m in a panic attack will not be with her when the time comes trying to calm down now this is when i bring her upstaires and close up the house

Blessings to you and care givers they are the lords hands on earth

She is under 2 my own bella ann was 2 1/2

Cant stop this panic

Praying for peace for all of us esp you dear one

My heart is with you

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