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I’m really happy with myself today.

I went to go get my tax return, was in a car for half an hour and went into a store and while I was a bit nervous at first, it passed.

This probably doesn’t sound like a big deal but I’ve been housebound for the most part (excluding walks around the block) since last summer.

I’ve been finding that for the past few years, the second winter hits I don’t leave the house but once spring and the warmer weather starts setting in, I start leaving the house again although I have to work my way up to it.

It’s kind of like ice skating, you don’t do it for a whole year until winter hits and then you have to re-learn how to do it all over again. I’m sure there’s some sort of Canadian joke in there but I’ll let you guys come up with something 😛

Remember to hydrate/drink some water and have something to eat even if it’s something small. Take your meds. Make that appointment you’ve been putting off. Go for a walk or do some exercise (yoga’s always good too!). And don’t forget to be gentle with yourself, you’ve come a long way and are doing so well. I’m proud of you 🖤

Sorry for the late post, I was out doing all that most of the morning.

Take care 🤗🖤

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Sounds like you like to hibernate during the winter. I heard it can get quite cold in Canada. I I live in Colorado and in early February this year. It reached an unusual low of minus 15 one morning and felt like minus 35 with the wind-chill. Fortunately, I did not have to go outside that day. I did walk in minus 7 degrees one day.Sometimes we have to take that first step, literally, in dealing with our anxieties and fears.

In can be pretty cold here but we’re used to it for the most part.

It does kind of sound like I do that doesn’t it? Aha doesn’t help that I live in a small town where there’s literally nothing to do.

It sucks but it’s a process for sure!

Hope you’re doing well, take care 🤗🖤

Hi gilded_masquerade, Not as much to do here now because of covid. A lot of people do hike and ride bikes on the trails here.

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Green-heart in reply to JohnPB

Is there really a difference between -15 & -35? I’m from California 🤷🏻‍♂️

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JohnPB in reply to Green-heart

Yes. I think I can handle being outside in -15 degrees for a while. -35 degrees I would probably only want to be outside for 5 minutes.

Glad to read that you went out and about today. The first steps taken to do anything can be unnerving in the beginning but hopefully the nerves settle after awhile. Spring is in the air, a time of renewal and rebirth and folks are itching to come out of our winter hibernation. Here's to hoping everyone practices safety first.

I did my taxes 2 days ago :)


I agree, I guess with Covid going on a another province wide lockdown I’m a bit nervous about going out. It’s kind of sad actually, I used to go out all the time and now I’m a hermit 😅

Doesn’t help that my Irish skin starts to burn if I’m out in the sun for longer than an hour 🙃

I usually get nervous about anything involving the bank or taxes, probably because I don’t know anything about either 😅 but I’m glad I did them, one less thing to worry about.

Hope you’re doing well, take care 🤗🖤

We've all become hermits more or to me is A OKAY with a deadly virus going around. Its hit Ontario and Quebec the hardest and for awhile I was wishing I'd lived in

Summer sun is piercing and those with lighter skin can burn easily. I went camping one year and ended up with what I taught was an allergic reaction but the doc said it was a bad sun burn. Who knew black skin could get a sun burn🤔 .loool

I'm well and wishing likewise for u :)

True, just wish I was working but there’s literally no where to apply to in the town I’m in and I’ve been looking for MONTHS, even for stuff to do at home and nothing is working 😫 I’m totally okay with being a hermit considering everything that’s going on though 🙃

Last year I was literally a ghost lol I was blinding. I went to a couple of beaches (with two people in my circle and even then we kept our distance from people, I know how stupid that was) and I swear I could’ve been a gd beacon lol not going to lie but I didn’t know that, I hope that doesn’t come off as rude in any way I just genuinely didn’t know.

Thank you, I’m doing the best I can considering 🙃 take care 🤗🖤

Workwise, hope you find something you enjoy sooner rather than later.

Looking like a ghost can have its perks at serves as a repellent to others to keep their social distance😜 Boo

Take care

Glad you got out and about. That is great. Good job! You should be super proud and make sure to reward this accomplishment.

Thank you T.T! I really am, I was apprehensive at first (or maybe I was confusing it was excitement, who knows 🤷🏻‍♀️) but I’m glad I got through it.

I definitely did reward myself aha got some more games and some clothes with some of my tax return, cliche? Perhaps but I’m pretty content 😌🖤

That all sounds wonderful and I am glad to hear you had fun and that you are rewarding yourself for making progress. That is amazing and I am super proud of you.

Thank you T.T, I really appreciate it ☺️

I’m so proud of you too! 🤗🖤

You did great today. I so remember those days I was house bound. How

good it feels now to get in my car and run errands. Enjoy your evening, you

deserve it :) xx

Thank you Agora! It does feel good and I’m only hoping that it continues to get better.

Hope you’re doing well! Take care 🤗🖤

Great improvement

More energy 💪

Good for you

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