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Struggling to let go of things...

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Hi all sorry I have not been on in awhile till now. Is anyone else struggling with letting go of things that others say or do. I have a hard time with this one and lately it is really stressing me out. My sister who is 2 years older than me is stubborn and just because she has a nursing degree thinks she knows west best for my mom or dad. Its like she treats me like a little kid and always has to one up me. It drives me crazy. She also thinks she is the only one that can tell me about our mother or dad. Its like I am a stranger and I don't know that.

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I have a lot of issues letting go. And trust me you don't want to carry all that baggage. I would recommend just talking to your sister and telling her how you feel. If she is a good sister she will listen and you both can work on things together. If not at least you got it off your chest and it's no longer haunting you. That is the problem with holding on to past pain or any emotion really. It only hurts us.

How are you

I feel for you. Being a younger one can have it challenges. Many think that young ones are spoilt but it comes with it baggage. As much as parents spoil us, older siblings tend to treat us bad. This is normal. However I don't think they do this on purpose. I have seen this with my own family, older ones have that in the back of their minds. Me being me I have learnt to accept nature. If being young makes them think we should come second, so be it. You have two things my friends just like my fellow friends have mentioned above, politely speak to your sister and free yourself. But I will warn you tho. Often times we tend to be harsh when we say things that have been kept in our heart and hurt those we tell. So, if you can write down those feelings and deliver them politely to your sister. Unless you tell her, she won't know. You will even be surprised that that she will be shocked that you feel like that. So, let her know then if she does not budge, find other means. Concerning her feeling that she knows all about nursing, it might be because she has a background knowledge but she is not taking into account that there is an emotional side which you can add to ur parents. I surely do hope you find resolutions to ur problems

Thank You and I did try to talk to her but unfortunately it only made things worse between us for a long time. 😕

Hi,I have the same problem and it drives me nuts. I'm reading a book right now that might be of some interest to you. It's called "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck" by Mark Manson and deals with the issue of letting go. He does not talk about total apathy, but about how to choose our battles in what we will allow impact us.

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Thank you I might just have to check that book out. 👍

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You're welcome!

Hi- I understand how you feel because I have 5 siblings, we have different opinions that sometimes lead to arguments. Though it’s not easy to let go, I learned to pick my battle wisely to avoid misunderstanding.

You have mentioned that you already talked to your sister regarding how you feel and it made the situation worse. Try to pick your battles. If it’s not really important, try to let it go to prevent fighting for every problem.

Please keep us posted, God bless.

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Thank you and I will try to pick the right battles with her. Lol 😆

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